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Adams, E.; Hussein, M.; Currie, S.; Thomas, C.; South, C.; Greener, A.; Currie, G.; Nisbet, A. (2019) OC-0185 A multi-centre knowledge-based treatment planning model for radiotherapy of cervical cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 133. S94. ISSN 01678140

Akhtar, M; Wilpers, G; Choonee, K; Riis, E; Sinclair, A G (2019) Radio-frequency microplasmas with energies suited to in situ selective cleaning of surface adsorbates in ion microtraps. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 52 (5). 055001 ISSN 0953-4075

Al Nahas, K.; Cama, J.; Schaich, M.; Hammond, K.; Deshpande, S.; Dekker, C.; Ryadnov, M. G.; Keyser, U. F. (2019) A microfluidic platform for the characterisation of membrane active antimicrobials. Lab on a Chip, 19 (5). pp. 837-844. ISSN 1473-0197

Allen, N D C; Perkins, M; Bacquart, T; Li, J R (2019) Determining modified reaction parameters for the real-time measurement of BTEX in biogas and nitrogen using Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS). Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 24 (5). pp. 361-368. ISSN 0949-1775

Alyahyawi, A; Dimitriadis, A; Jafari, S M; Lohstroh, A; Alanazi, A; Alsubaie, A; Clark, C H; Nisbet, A; Bradley, D A (2019) Thermoluminescence measurements of eye-lens dose in a multi-centre stereotactic radiosurgery audit. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 155. pp. 75-81. ISSN 0969806X

Andries, A; Morse, S; Murphy, R J; Lynch, J; Woolliams, E R (2019) Seeing Sustainability from Space: Using Earth Observation Data to Populate the UN Sustainable Development Goal Indicators. Sustainability, 11 (18). 5062 ISSN 2071-1050

Andzane, J; Britala, L; Kauranens, E; Neciporenko, A; Baitimirova, M; Lara-Avila, S; Kubatkin, S; Bechelany, M; Erts, D (2019) Effect of graphene substrate type on formation of Bi2Se3 nanoplates. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). 4791 ISSN 2045-2322

Aoyagi, S; Kodama, Y; Passarelli, M K; Vorng, J L; Kawashima, T; Yoshikiyo, K; Yamamoto, T; Gilmore, I S (2019) OrbiSIMS Imaging Identifies Molecular Constituents of the Perialgal Vacuole Membrane of Paramecium bursaria with Symbiotic Chlorella variabilis. Analytical Chemistry, 91 (22). pp. 14545-14551. ISSN 0003-2700

Atkins, C; Brzozowski, W; Dobson, N; Milanova, M; Todd, S; Pearson, D; Bourgenot, C J; Brooks, D; Snell, R M; Sun, W; Cooper, P; Alcock, S G; Nistea, I T; Hallibert, P; Hull, T B; Kim, D W (2019) Additively manufactured mirrors for CubeSats. Proceedings of the SPIE, 11116. 1111616

Atkins, C; Brzozowski, W; Dobson, N; Milanova, M; Todd, S; Pearson, D; Bourgenot, C J; Brooks, D; Snell, R M; Sun, W; Cooper, P; Alcock, S G; Nistea, I T; Hallibert, P; Hull, T B; Kim, D W (2019) Lightweighting design optimisation for additively manufactured mirrors. Proccedings of the SPIE, 11116. 1111617

Azeez, Y F; Collier, R J; Ridler, N M; Young, P R (2019) Establishing a New Form of Primary Impedance Standard at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 68 (1). pp. 294-296. ISSN 0018-9456


Baer, D R; Artyushkova, K; Richard Brundle, C; Castle, J E; Engelhard, M H; Gaskell, K J; Grant, J T; Haasch, R T; Linford, M R; Powell, C J; Shard, A G; Sherwood, P M A; Smentkowski, V S (2019) Practical guides for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: First steps in planning, conducting, and reporting XPS measurements. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 37 (3). 031401 ISSN 0734-2101

Baesso, R M; Costa-Felix, R P B; Miloro, P; Zeqiri, B (2019) Ultrasonic parameter measurement as a means of assessing the quality of biodiesel production. Fuel, 241. pp. 155-163. ISSN 00162361

Bakaric, M; Ivory, A; Zeqiri, B; Cox, B T; Treeby, B E (2019) Measurement of the temperature-dependent speed of sound and change in Grüneisen parameter of tissue-mimicking materials. In: 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium (IUS), 6-9 October 2019, Glasgow, UK.

Baker, C; Sarno, D; Eckersley, R; Hodnett, M; Zeqiri, B (2019) Phase-Insensitive Ultrasound Tomography of the Attenuation of Breast Phantoms. In: 2019 IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium (IUS), 6-9 October 2019, Glasgow, UK.

Baker, C; Sarno, D; Eckersley, R J; Zeqiri, B (2019) Pulse Pileup Correction of Signals From a Pyroelectric Sensor for Phase-Insensitive Ultrasound Computed Tomography. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 68 (10). pp. 3920-3931. ISSN 0018-9456

Barreto, A.; Román, R.; Cuevas, E.; Pérez-Ramírez, D.; Berjón, A.J.; Kouremeti, N.; Kazadzis, S.; Gröbner, J.; Mazzola, M.; Toledano, C.; Benavent-Oltra, J.A.; Doppler, L.; Juryšek, J.; Almansa, A.F.; Victori, S.; Maupin, F.; Guirado-Fuentes, C.; González, R.; Vitale, V.; Goloub, P.; Blarel, L.; Alados-Arboledas, L.; Woolliams, E.; Taylor, S.; Antuña, J.C.; Yela, M. (2019) Corrigendum to “Evaluation of night-time aerosols measurements and lunar irradiance models in the frame of the first multi-instrument nocturnal intercomparison campaign” [202C (April 2019) 190–211]. Atmospheric Environment, 214. 116841 ISSN 13522310

Barreto, A.; Román, R.; Cuevas, E.; Pérez-Ramírez, D.; Berjón, A.J.; Kouremeti, N.; Kazadzis, S.; Gröbner, J.; Mazzola, M.; Toledano, C.; Benavent-Oltra, J.A.; Doppler, L.; Juryšek, J.; Almansa, A.F.; Victori, S.; Maupin, F.; Guirado-Fuentes, C.; González, R.; Vitale, V.; Goloub, P.; Blarel, L.; Alados-Arboledas, L.; Woolliams, E.; Taylor, S.; Antuña, J.C.; Yela, M. (2019) Evaluation of night-time aerosols measurements and lunar irradiance models in the frame of the first multi-instrument nocturnal intercomparison campaign. Atmospheric Environment, 202. pp. 190-211. ISSN 13522310

Bass, G A; Barry, M A; Duane, S; Homer, M J; Kelly, M; Manning, J W; Maughan, D J; Nutbrown, R F; Sander, T; Shipley, D R; Snaith, J A D (2019) Changes to the UK National Primary Standards of Air Kerma and Absorbed Dose Incorporating ICRU Report 90 Recommendations. NPL Report. IR 55

Bass, G A; Duane, S; Homer, M J; Kelly, M; Manning, J W; Maughan, D J; Nutbrown, R F; Sander, T; Shipley, D R; Snaith, J A D (2019) The NPL Air Kerma Primary Standard PS5-1/PS5-2 for 137CS and 60CO: Summary Of Factors Including ICRU 90 Recommendations. NPL Report. IR 53

Bass, G A; Duane, S; Kelly, M; Manning, J W; Maughan, D J; Nutbrown, R F; Sander, T; Shipley, D R (2019) The NPL Air Kerma Primary Standard Free-Air Chamber for Medium Energy X-rays: Summary of Factors Incorporating ICRU Report 90 Recommendations. NPL Report. IR 54

Bausi, F; Koutsourakis, G; Blakesley, J C; Castro, F A (2019) High-speed digital light source photocurrent mapping system. Measurement Science and Technology, 30 (9). 095902 ISSN 0957-0233

Beattie, S; Jian, B; Alcock, J; Gertsvolf, M; Hendricks, R J; Szymaniec, K; Gibble, K (2019) NRC-FCs2 primary frequency standard at the National Research Council Canada. In: 2019 URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (AP-RASC), 9-15 March 2019, New Delhi, India.

Benn, G; Pyne, A L B; Ryadnov, M G; Hoogenboom, B W (2019) Imaging live bacteria at the nanoscale: comparison of immobilisation strategies. The Analyst, 144 (23). pp. 6944-6952. ISSN 0003-2654

Berry, T.A.; Podolyák, Zs.; Carroll, R.J.; Lică, R.; Grawe, H.; Timofeyuk, N.K.; Alexander, T.; Andreyev, A.N.; Ansari, S.; Borge, M.J.G.; Creswell, J.; Fahlander, C.; Fraile, L.M.; Fynbo, H.O.U.; Gelletly, W.; Gerst, R.-B.; Górska, M.; Gredley, A.; Greenlees, P.; Harkness-Brennan, L.J.; Huyse, M.; Judge, S.M.; Judson, D.S.; Konki, J.; Kurcewicz, J.; Kuti, I.; Lalkovski, S.; Lazarus, I.; Lund, M.; Madurga, M.; Mărginean, N.; Mărginean, R.; Marroquin, I.; Mihai, C.; Mihai, R.E.; Nácher, E.; Nae, S.; Negret, A.; Niţă, C.; Page, R.D.; Pascu, S.; Patel, Z.; Perea, A.; Pucknell, V.; Rahkila, P.; Rapisarda, E.; Regan, P.H.; Rotaru, F.; Shand, C.M.; Simpson, E.C.; Sotty, Ch.; Stegemann, S.; Stora, T.; Tengblad, O.; Turturica, A.; Van Duppen, P.; Vedia, V.; Wadsworth, R.; Walker, P.M.; Warr, N.; Wearing, F.; De Witte, H. (2019) Investigation of the Δn = 0 selection rule in Gamow-Teller transitions: The β-decay of 207Hg. Physics Letters B, 793. pp. 271-275. ISSN 03702693

Bevington, P.; Gartman, R.; Chalupczak, W. (2019) Enhanced material defect imaging with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer. Journal of Applied Physics, 125 (9). 094503 ISSN 0021-8979

Bevington, P.; Gartman, R.; Chalupczak, W. (2019) Imaging of material defects with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer. Review of Scientific Instruments, 90 (1). 013103 ISSN 0034-6748

Billas, I; Bouchard, H; Oelfke, U; Duane, S (2019) The effect of magnetic field strength on the response of Gafchromic EBT-3 film. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 64 (6). 06NT03 ISSN 1361-6560

Bobin, C.; Bouchard, J.; Chisté, V.; Collins, S.M.; Dryák, P.; Fenwick, A.; Keightley, J.; Lépy, M.-C.; Lourenço, V.; Robinson, A.; Sochorová, J.; Šolc, J.; Thiam, C. (2019) Activity measurements and determination of nuclear decay data of 166Ho in the MRTDosimetry project. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 153. 108826 ISSN 09698043

Bolt, M.; Nisbet, A.; Chen, T.; Clark, C. (2019) PO-0947 The impact of dose deviations arising within the dosimetry chain on clinical outcomes. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 133. S511-S512. ISSN 01678140

Boso, A.; Milne, S.A.; Bentley, M.A.; Recchia, F.; Lenzi, S.M.; Rudolph, D.; Labiche, M.; Pereira-Lopez, X.; Afara, S.; Ameil, F.; Arici, T.; Aydin, S.; Axiotis, M.; Barrientos, D.; Benzoni, G.; Birkenbach, B.; Boston, A.J.; Boston, H.C.; Boutachkov, P.; Bracco, A.; Bruce, A.M.; Bruyneel, B.; Cederwall, B.; Clement, E.; Cortes, M.L.; Cullen, D.M.; Désesquelles, P.; Dombràdi, Zs.; Domingo-Pardo, C.; Eberth, J.; Fahlander, C.; Gelain, M.; González, V.; John, P.R.; Gerl, J.; Golubev, P.; Górska, M.; Gottardo, A.; Grahn, T.; Grassi, L.; Habermann, T.; Harkness-Brennan, L.J.; Henry, T.W.; Hess, H.; Kojouharov, I.; Korten, W.; Lalović, N.; Lettmann, M.; Lizarazo, C.; Louchart-Henning, C.; Menegazzo, R.; Mengoni, D.; Merchan, E.; Michelagnoli, C.; Million, B.; Modamio, V.; Moeller, T.; Napoli, D.R.; Nyberg, J.; Nara Singh, B.S.; Pai, H.; Pietralla, N.; Pietri, S.; Podolyak, Zs.; Perez Vidal, R.M.; Pullia, A.; Ralet, D.; Rainovski, G.; Reese, M.; Reiter, P.; Salsac, M.D.; Sanchis, E.; Sarmiento, L.G.; Schaffner, H.; Scruton, L.M.; Singh, P.P.; Stahl, C.; Uthayakumaar, S.; Valiente-Dobón, J.J.; Wieland, O. (2019) Isospin dependence of electromagnetic transition strengths among an isobaric triplet. Physics Letters B, 797. 134835 ISSN 03702693

Bourn, M.; Robinson, R.; Innocenti, F.; Scheutz, C. (2019) Regulating landfills using measured methane emissions: An English perspective. Waste Management, 87. pp. 860-869. ISSN 0956053X

Bouvet, M; Thome, K; Berthelot, B; Bialek, A; Czapla-Myers, J; Fox, N P; Goryl, P; Henry, P; Ma, L L; Marcq, S; Meygret, A; Wenny, B; Woolliams, E R (2019) RadCalNet: A Radiometric Calibration Network for Earth Observing Imagers Operating in the Visible to Shortwave Infrared Spectral Range. Remote Sensing, 11 (20). 2401 ISSN 2072-4292

Bowden, W; Hobson, R; Hill, I R; Vianello, A; Schioppo, M; Silva, A; Margolis, H S; Baird, P E G; Gill, P (2019) A pyramid MOT with integrated optical cavities as a cold atom platform for an optical lattice clock. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). 11704 ISSN 2045-2322

Braeuninger-Weimer, P; Burton, O; Weatherup, R S; Wang, R; Dudin, P; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Bayer, B C; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Meyer, J C; Murdoch, B J; Cumpson, P J; Hofmann, S (2019) Reactive intercalation and oxidation at the buried graphene-germanium interface. APL Materials, 7 (7). 071107 ISSN 2166-532X

Braysher, E; Russell, B; Woods, S; Garcia-Miranda, M; Ivanov, P; Bouchard, B; Read, D (2019) Complete dissolution of solid matrices using automated borate fusion in support of nuclear decommissioning and production of reference materials. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 321 (1). pp. 183-196. ISSN 0236-5731

Brewer, P J; Brown, R J C; Mussell Webber, E B; Van Aswegen, S; Ward, M K M; Hill-Pearce, R E; Worton, D R (2019) Breakthrough in Negating the Impact of Adsorption in Gas Reference Materials. Analytical Chemistry, 91 (8). pp. 5310-5315. ISSN 0003-2700

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Burnett, J J; Bengtsson, A; Scigliuzzo, M; Niepce, D; Kudra, M; Delsing, P; Bylander, J (2019) Decoherence benchmarking of superconducting qubits. NPJ Quantum Information, 5 (1). 9 ISSN 2056-6387

Burton, O J; Babenko, V; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Hofmann, S (2019) The Role and Control of Residual Bulk Oxygen in the Catalytic Growth of 2D Materials. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123 (26). pp. 16257-16267. ISSN 1932-7447

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Camacho, I S; Theisen, A; Johannissen, L O; Díaz-Ramos, L A; Christie, J M; Jenkins, G I; Bellina, B; Barran, P; Jones, A R (2019) Native mass spectrometry reveals the conformational diversity of the UVR8 photoreceptor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116 (4). pp. 1116-1125. ISSN 0027-8424

Canavan, R L; Rudigier, M; Regan, P H; Lebois, M; Wilson, J N; Jovanceric, N; Soderstrom, P A; Thisse, D; Benito, J; Bottoni, S; Brunet, M; Cieplicka-Orynczak, N; Collins, S M; Courtin, S; Doherty, D T; Fraile, L M; Hadynska-Klek, K; Heine, M; Iskra, L W; Karayonchev, V; Kennington, A; Koseoglou, P; Lotay, G; Lorusso, G; Nakhostin, M; Nita, C R; Oberstedt, S; Podolyak, Zs; Qi, L; Regis, J M; Shearman, R; Vedia, V; Witt, W (2019) Reaction channel selection techniques and γ - γ fast-timing spectroscopy using the v-Ball spectrometer. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1643. 012117

Cao, Y; Koutsourakis, G; Sutton, G J M; Kneller, J W E; Wood, S; Blakesley, J; Castro, F A (2019) In situ contactless thermal characterisation and imaging of encapsulated photovoltaic devices using phosphor thermometry. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 27 (8). pp. 673-681. ISSN 1062-7995

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Carlino, A; Böhlen, T; Vatnitsky, S; Grevillot, L; Osorio, J; Dreindl, R; Palmans, H; Stock, M; Kragl, G (2019) Commissioning of pencil beam and Monte Carlo dose engines for non-isocentric treatments in scanned proton beam therapy. Physics in Medicine & Biology, 64 (17). 17NT01 ISSN 1361-6560

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