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Austin, J; Minelli, C; Hamilton, D; Wywijas, M; Jones, H J (2020) Nanoparticle number concentration measurements by multi-angle dynamic light scattering. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 22 (5). 10 ISSN 1388-0764


Babenko, V; Fan, Y; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Burton, O; Alexander-Webber, J A; Weatherup, R S; Canto, B; Otto, M; Neumaier, D; Hofmann, S (2020) Oxidising and carburising catalyst conditioning for the controlled growth and transfer of large crystal monolayer hexagonal boron nitride. 2D Materials, 7 (2). 024005 ISSN 2053-1583

Baer, D R; Shard, A G (2020) Role of consistent terminology in XPS reproducibility. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 38 (3). 031203 ISSN 0734-2101

Burton, O J; Massabuau, F C P; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Hofmann, S (2020) Integrated Wafer Scale Growth of Single Crystal Metal Films and High Quality Graphene. ACS Nano, 14 (10). pp. 13593-13601. ISSN 1936-0851


Cant, D J H; Minelli, C; Sparnacci, K; Müller, A; Kalbe, H; Stöger-Pollach, M; Unger, W E S; Werner, W S M; Shard, A G (2020) Surface-Energy Control and Characterization of Nanoparticle Coatings. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (20). pp. 11200-11211. ISSN 1932-7447

Claveau, R; Manescu, P; Elmi, M; Pawar, V; Shaw, M; Fernandez-Reyes, D (2020) Digital refocusing and extended depth of field reconstruction in Fourier ptychographic microscopy. Biomedical Optics Express, 11 (1). pp. 215-226. ISSN 2156-7085

Claveau, R; Manescu, P; Fernandez-Reyes, D; Shaw, M (2020) Structure-dependent amplification for denoising and background correction in Fourier ptychographic microscopy. Optics Express, 28 (24). 35438 ISSN 1094-4087


Dannhorn, A; Kazanc, E; Ling, S; Nikula, C; Karali, E; Serra, M P; Vorng, J-L; Inglese, P; Maglennon, G; Hamm, G; Swales, J; Strittmatter, N; Barry, S T; Sansom, O J; Poulogiannis, G; Bunch, J; Goodwin, R J A; Takats, Z (2020) Universal Sample Preparation Unlocking Multimodal Molecular Tissue Imaging. Analytical Chemistry, 92 (16). pp. 11080-11088. ISSN 0003-2700


Elia, E A; Niehaus, M; Steven, R T; Wolf, J C; Bunch, J (2020) Atmospheric Pressure MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging Using In-Line Plasma Induced Postionization. Analytical Chemistry, 92 (23). pp. 15285-15290. ISSN 0003-2700


Fan, Y; Nakanishi, K; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Mizuta, R; Stewart, J C; Swallow, J E N; Dearle, A E; Burton, O J; Alexander-Webber, J A; Ferrer, P; Held, G; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Weatherup, R S; Hofmann, S (2020) Understanding metal organic chemical vapour deposition of monolayer WS2: the enhancing role of Au substrate for simple organosulfur precursors. Nanoscale, 12 (43). pp. 22234-22244. ISSN 2040-3364

Faruqui, N; Kummrow, A; Fu, B Q; Divieto, C; Rojas, F; Kisulu, F; Cavalcante, J J V; Wang, J; Campbell, J; Martins, J L; Choi, J H; Sassi, M P; Zucco, M; Vonsky, M; Vessillier, S; Zou, S; Fujii, S I; Ryadnov, M G (2020) Cellular Metrology: Scoping for a Value Proposition in Extra- and Intracellular Measurements. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 7. 456 ISSN 2296-4185


Goodwin, R J A; Takats, Z; Bunch, J (2020) A Critical and Concise Review of Mass Spectrometry Applied to Imaging in Drug Discovery. SLAS DISCOVERY: Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery, 25 (9). pp. 963-976. ISSN 2472-5552


Hammond, K; Lewis, H; Halliwell, S; Desriac, F; Nardone, B; Ravi, J; Hoogenboom, B W; Upton, M; Derrick, J P; Ryadnov, M G (2020) Flowering Poration—A Synergistic Multi-Mode Antibacterial Mechanism by a Bacteriocin Fold. iScience, 23 (8). 101423 ISSN 25890042

Hulme, H; Meikle, L M; Strittmatter, N; van der Hooft, J J J; Swales, J; Bragg, R A; Villar, V H; Ormsby, M J; Barnes, S; Brown, S L; Dexter, A; Kamat, M T; Komen, J C; Walker, D; Milling, S; Osterweil, E K; MacDonald, A S; Schofield, C J; Tardito, S; Bunch, J; Douce, G; Edgar, J M; Edrada-Ebel, R; Goodwin, R J A; Burchmore, R; Wall, D M (2020) Microbiome-derived carnitine mimics as previously unknown mediators of gut-brain axis communication. Science Advances, 6 (11). eaax6328 ISSN 2375-2548


Jang, M.; Costa, C.; Bunch, J.; Gibson, B.; Ismail, M.; Palitsin, V.; Webb, R.; Hudson, M.; Bailey, M. J. (2020) On the relevance of cocaine detection in a fingerprint. Scientific Reports, 10 (1). 1974 ISSN 2045-2322


Kepiro, I E; Marzuoli, I; Hammond, K; Ba, X L; Lewis, H; Shaw, M; Gunnoo, S B; de Santis, E; Łapińska, U; Pagliara, S; Holmes, M A; Lorenz, C D; Hoogenboom, B W; Fraternali, F; Ryadnov, M G (2020) Engineering Chirally Blind Protein Pseudocapsids into Antibacterial Persisters. ACS Nano, 14 (2). pp. 1609-1622. ISSN 1936-0851

Kepiro, I E; Nardone, B; Page, A; Ryadnov, M G (2020) Revealing Sources of Variation for Reproducible Imaging of Protein Assemblies by Electron Microscopy. Micromachines, 11 (3). 251 ISSN 2072-666X

Kotowska, A M; Trindade, G F; Mendes, P M; Williams, P M; Aylott, J W; Shard, A G; Alexander, M R; Scurr, D J (2020) Protein identification by 3D OrbiSIMS to facilitate in situ imaging and depth profiling. Nature Communications, 11 (1). 5832 ISSN 2041-1723

Kumar, N; Marchesini, S; Howe, T; Edwards, L; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J (2020) Nanoscale characterization of plasma functionalized graphitic flakes using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 153 (18). 184708 ISSN 0021-9606

Kwan, T O C; Axford, D; Moraes, I (2020) Membrane protein crystallography in the era of modern structural biology. Biochemical Society Transactions, 48 (6). pp. 2505-2524. ISSN 0300-5127


Legge, E J; Paton, K R; Wywijas, M; McMahon, G; Pemberton, R; Kumar, N; Aranga Raju, A P; Dawson, C P; Strudwick, A J; Bradley, J W; Stolojan, V; Silva, S R P; Hodge, S A; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J (2020) Determining the Level and Location of Functional Groups on Few-Layer Graphene and Their Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12 (11). pp. 13481-13493. ISSN 1944-8244


Marchesini, S; Turner, P; Paton, K R; Reed, B P; Brennan, B; Koziol, K; Pollard, A J (2020) Gas physisorption measurements as a quality control tool for the properties of graphene/graphite powders. Carbon, 167. pp. 585-595. ISSN 00086223

McMahon, G; Miller, B D; Burke, M G (2020) Correlative NanoSIMS and electron microscopy methods for understanding deuterium distributions after fatigue testing of 304/304L stainless steel in deuterated water. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45 (38). pp. 20042-20052. ISSN 03603199


Nakanishi, K; Labonte, D; Cebo, T; Veigang-Radulescu, V P; Fan, Y; Brennan, B; Pollard, A J; Hofmann, S; Fleck, N A (2020) Mechanical properties of the hollow-wall graphene gyroid lattice. Acta Materialia, 201. pp. 254-265. ISSN 13596454

Nelson, B C; Minelli, C; Doak, S H; Roesslein, M (2020) Emerging Standards and Analytical Science for Nanoenabled Medical Products. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 13 (1). pp. 431-452. ISSN 1936-1327

Newell, C L; Vorng, J-L; MacRae, J I; Gilmore, I S; Gould, A P (2020) Cryogenic OrbiSIMS Localizes Semi‐Volatile Molecules in Biological Tissues. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59 (41). pp. 18194-18200. ISSN 1433-7851

Niehaus, M; Robinson, K N; Murta, T; Elia, E A; Race, A M; Yan, B; Steven, R T; Bunch, J (2020) MALDI-2 at Atmospheric Pressure—Parameter Optimization and First Imaging Experiments. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 31 (11). pp. 2287-2295. ISSN 1044-0305


Pei, Y; Cant, D J H; Havelund, R; Stewart, M; Mingard, K; Seah, M P; Minelli, C; Shard, A G (2020) Argon Cluster Sputtering Reveals Internal Chemical Distribution in Submicron Polymeric Particles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124 (43). pp. 23752-23763. ISSN 1932-7447

Philpott, D J; Doorduijn, D J; Bardoel, B W; Heesterbeek, D A C; Ruyken, M; Benn, G; Parsons, E S; Hoogenboom, B W; Rooijakkers, S H M (2020) Bacterial killing by complement requires direct anchoring of membrane attack complex precursor C5b-7. PLOS Pathogens, 16 (6). e1008606 ISSN 1553-7374

Piarali, S; Marlinghaus, L; Viebahn, R; Lewis, H; Ryadnov, M G; Groll, J; Salber, J; Roy, I (2020) Activated Polyhydroxyalkanoate Meshes Prevent Bacterial Adhesion and Biofilm Development in Regenerative Medicine Applications. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8. 442 ISSN 2296-4185


Race, A M; Rae, A; Vorng, J-L; Havelund, R; Dexter, A; Kumar, N; Steven, R T; Passarelli, M K; Tyler, B J; Bunch, J; Gilmore, I S (2020) Correlative Hyperspectral Imaging Using a Dimensionality-Reduction-Based Image Fusion Method. Analytical Chemistry, 92 (16). pp. 10979-10988. ISSN 0003-2700

Reed, B P; Cant, D J H; Spencer, S J; Carmona-Carmona, A J; Bushell, A; Herrera-Gómez, A; Kurokawa, A; Thissen, A; Thomas, A G; Britton, A J; Bernasik, A; Fuchs, A; Baddorf, A P; Bock, B; Theilacker, B; Cheng, B; Castner, D G; Morgan, D J; Valley, D; Willneff, E A; Smith, E F; Nolot, E; Xie, F; Zorn, G; Smith, G C; Yasufuku, H; Fenton, J L; Chen, J; Counsell, J D P; Radnik, J; Gaskell, K J; Artyushkova, K; Yang, L; Zhang, L; Eguchi, M; Walker, M; Hajdyła, M; Marzec, M M; Linford, M R; Kubota, N; Cortazar-Martínez, O; Dietrich, P; Satoh, R; Schroeder, S L M; Avval, T G; Nagatomi, T; Fernandez, V; Lake, W; Azuma, Y; Yoshikawa, Y; Shard, A G (2020) Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards interlaboratory study on intensity calibration for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy instruments using low-density polyethylene. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 38 (6). 063208 ISSN 0734-2101

Reis, R I; Moraes, I (2020) Probing Membrane Protein Assembly into Nanodiscs by In Situ Dynamic Light Scattering: A2A Receptor as a Case Study. Biology, 9 (11). 400 ISSN 2079-7737

Robinson, J; Berselli, G B; Ryadnov, M G; Keyes, T E (2020) Annexin V Drives Stabilization of Damaged Asymmetric Phospholipid Bilayers. Langmuir, 36 (19). pp. 5454-5465. ISSN 0743-7463


Shard, A G (2020) Practical guides for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: Quantitative XPS. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 38 (4). 041201 ISSN 0734-2101

Shard, A G; Reed, B P (2020) Al Kα XPS reference spectra of polyethylene for all instrument geometries. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 38 (6). 063209 ISSN 0734-2101

Simcock, P W; Sansom, M S; Stansfeld, P J; Bublitz, M; Crain, J; Ryadnov, M G; Cipcigan, F (2020) Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides have Reduced Binding to MprF-Modified Membranes. Biophysical Journal, 118 (3). 237a ISSN 00063495


Tiddia, M; Seah, M P; Shard, A G; Mula, G; Havelund, R; Gilmore, I S (2020) Argon cluster cleaning of Ga + FIB‐milled sections of organic and hybrid materials. Surface and Interface Analysis, 52 (6). pp. 327-334. ISSN 0142-2421


Wren, S; Minelli, C; Pei, Y; Akhtar, N (2020) Evaluation of Particle Size Techniques to Support the Development of Manufacturing Scale Nanoparticles for Application in Pharmaceuticals. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 109 (7). pp. 2284-2293. ISSN 00223549


Zhang, J; Brown, J; Scurr, D J; Bullen, A; MacLellan-Gibson, K; Williams, P; Alexander, M R; Hardie, K R; Gilmore, I S; Rakowska, P D (2020) Cryo-OrbiSIMS for 3D Molecular Imaging of a Bacterial Biofilm in Its Native State. Analytical Chemistry, 92 (13). pp. 9008-9015. ISSN 0003-2700

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