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Aili, D; Becker, H; Reimer, U; Andreasen, J W; Cleemann, L N; Jensen, J O; Pan, C; Wang, X; Lehnert, W; Li, Q (2020) Phosphoric Acid Dynamics in High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membranes. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 167 (13). 134507 ISSN 1945-7111

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Attard, G A*; Bennett, J A*; Mikheenko, I*; Jenkins, P*; Guan, S*; Macaskie, L E*; Wood, J*; Wain, A J (2013) Semi-hydrogenation of alkynes at single crystal, nanoparticle and biogenic nanoparticle surfaces: the role of defects in Lindlar-type catalysts and the origin of their selectivity. Faraday Discuss., 162. pp. 57-75.


Baker, L; Renshaw, M P; Mantle, M D; Sederman, A J; Wain, A J; Gladden, L F (2018) Operando Magnetic Resonance Studies of Phase Behaviour and Oligomer Accumulation Within Catalyst Pores During Heterogeneous Catalytic Ethene Oligimerization. Applied Catalysis A - General, 557. pp. 125-134.

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