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Silvestre, I; Subiel, A; Dimitriadis, A; Suane, S; Jnaith, J; Homer, M (2016) A practical approach to report output factors for the NPL beam data acquisition service. Emphasis in small fields. NPL Report. IR40


Dimitriadis, A; Tsang, Y; Thomas, R A S; Palmer, A L; Eaton, D; Lee, J; Patel, R; Silvestre Patallo, I; Gouldstone, C; Snaith, J A D; Kirkby, K J; Nisbet, A; Clark, C H (2020) Multi-institutional dosimetric delivery assessment of intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery on different treatment platforms. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 147. pp. 153-161. ISSN 01678140

Costa, N A; Patallo, I S; Dimitriadis, A; Saraiva, C W C; Potiens, M D A (2020) Phantom development and implementation for Gamma Knife® dosimetry. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 167. 108355 ISSN 0969806X

Alyahyawi, A; Dimitriadis, A; Jafari, S M; Lohstroh, A; Alanazi, A; Alsubaie, A; Clark, C H; Nisbet, A; Bradley, D A (2019) Thermoluminescence measurements of eye-lens dose in a multi-centre stereotactic radiosurgery audit. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 155. pp. 75-81. ISSN 0969806X

Dimitriadis, A; Patallo, I S; Billas, I; Duane, S; Nisbet, A; Clark, C H (2017) Characterisation of a plastic scintillation detector to be used in a multicentre stereotactic radiosurgery dosimetry audit. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 140. pp. 373-378.

Dimitriadis, A; Palmer, A L*; Thomas, R A S; Nisbet, A*; Clark, C H (2017) Adaptation and validation of a commercial head phantom for cranial radiosurgery dosimetry end-to-end audit. Brit. J. Radiol., 90 (1074). 20170053

Dimitriadis, A; Kirkby, K J*; Nisbet, A*; Clark, C H (2016) Current status of cranial stereotactic radiosurgery in th UK. Brit. J. Radiol., 89 (1058). 20150452

Palmer, A L*; Dimitriadis, A; Nisbet, A*; Clark, C H (2015) Evaluation of Gafchromic EBT-XD film, with comparison to EBT3 film, and application in high dose radiotherapy verification. Phys. Med. Biol., 60 (22). pp. 8741-8752.

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