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Bolgar, A N; Kirichenko, D D; Shaikhaidarov, R S; Sanduleanu, S V; Semenov, A V; Dmitriev, A Y; Astafiev, O V (2020) A phononic crystal coupled to a transmission line via an artificial atom. Communications Physics, 3 (1). 201 ISSN 2399-3650

Zhou, Y; Peng, Z; Horiuchi, Y; Astafiev, O V; Tsai, J S (2020) Tunable Microwave Single-Photon Source Based on Transmon Qubit with High Efficiency. Physical Review Applied, 13 (3). 034007 ISSN 2331-7019

Bolgar, A N; Zotova, J I; Kirichenko, D D; Besedin, I S; Semenov, A V; Shaikhaidarov, R S; Astafiev, O V (2018) Quantum Regime of a Two-Dimensional Phonon Cavity. Physical Review Letters, 120 (22). 223603 ISSN 0031-9007

Dmitriev, A Y; Shaikhaidarov, R; Antonov, V N; Honigl-Decrinis, T; Astafiev, O V (2017) Quantum wave mixing and visualisation of coherent and superposed photonic states in a waveguide. Nature Communications, 8. 1352

Linzen, S*; Ziegler, M*; Astafiev, O V; Schmelz, M*; Hubner, U*; Diegel, M*; Il'ichev, E*; Meyer, H G* (2017) Structural and electrical properties of ultrathin niobium nitride films grown by atomic layer deposition. Supercond. Sci. Technol., 30 (3). 035010

Peltonen, J T*; Peng, Z H*; Korneeva, Y P*; Voronov, B M*; Korneev, A A*; Semenov, A V*; Gol'tsman, G N*; Tsai, J S*; Astafiev, O V (2016) Coherent dynamics and decoherence in a superconducting weak link. Phys. Rev. B, 94 (18). 180508

Peng, Z H*; de Graaf, S E; Tsai, J S*; Astafiev, O V (2016) Tuneable on-demand single-photon source in the microwave range. Nature Comms., 7. p. 12588.

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