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Sokolova, A. A.; Fedorov, G. P.; Il'ichev, E. V.; Astafiev, O. V. (2021) Single-atom maser with an engineered circuit for population inversion. Physical Review A, 103 (1). 013718 ISSN 2469-9926

Antonov, I. V.; Shaikhaidarov, R. S.; Antonov, V. N.; Astafiev, O. V. (2020) Superconducting ‘twin’ qubit. Physical Review B, 102 (11). 115422 ISSN 2469-9950

Fedorov, G. P.; Yursa, V. B.; Efimov, A. E.; Shiianov, K. I.; Dmitriev, A. Yu.; Rodionov, I. A.; Dobronosova, A. A.; Moskalev, D. O.; Pishchimova, A. A.; Malevannaya, E. I.; Astafiev, O. V. (2020) Light dressing of a diatomic superconducting artificial molecule. Physical Review A, 102 (1). 013707 ISSN 2469-9926

Dmitriev, A. Yu.; Shaikhaidarov, R.; Hoenigl-Decrinis, T.; de Graaf, S. E.; Antonov, V. N.; Astafiev, O. V. (2019) Probing photon statistics of coherent states by continuous wave mixing on a two-level system. Physical Review A, 100 (1). 013808 ISSN 2469-9926

de Graaf, S. E.; Shaikhaidarov, R.; Lindstrom, T.; Tzalenchuk, A. Y.; Astafiev, O. V. (2019) Charge control of blockade of Cooper pair tunneling in highly disordered TiN nanowires in an inductive environment. Physical Review B, 99 (20). 205115 ISSN 2469-9950

Hönigl-Decrinis, T.; Antonov, I. V.; Shaikhaidarov, R.; Antonov, V. N.; Dmitriev, A. Yu.; Astafiev, O. V. (2018) Mixing of coherent waves in a single three-level artificial atom. Physical Review A, 98 (4). 041801 ISSN 2469-9926 (In Press)

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