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Guideline for measuring coating adhesion to electronic boards using tape peel testing.

Zou, L; Hunt, C (2013) Guideline for measuring coating adhesion to electronic boards using tape peel testing. Measurement Good Practice Guide. 117

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A new test method (tape peel method) to evaluate conformal coating adhesion on electronic assemblies has been developed. The approach directly measures the peel force needed to remove a conformal coating. This is the only quantitative method to assess conformal coating adhesion force. This document describes equipment, material, parameter and the procedure to assess conformal coating adhesion.

Coatings have low cohesive strength and so a reinforcement tape is used. The application of the coating and tape to the substrate, and the procedure for peeling are described.

The method is validated using different type coatings and substrate materials, which include FR4 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) without resist, bare PCB copper, contaminated PCBs, resists, assemblies and components. The results are detailed in appendix F. These results demonstrate that tape peel test is a sensitive method for measuring coating adhesion on different materials found on PCB assemblies. This technique allows coatings adhesion to be compared on different surfaces that include contaminated surfaces, component bodies and resists.

This guide contains six appendices that cover experimental work that supports the given procedures. Appendix A covers the selection of the supporting cloth; Appendix B describes a post application of the supporting cloth with second application of the coating; Appendix C investigates how the technique can be used to assess coating cure; Appendix D covers the effect of peel speed; the Appendix E studies the effect of tape width; and Appendix F validate the method with different coating types and substrate materials.

Item Type: Report/Guide (Measurement Good Practice Guide)
Keywords: adhesion peel, conformal coating
Subjects: Engineering Measurements
Engineering Measurements > Mass, Force, Pressure
Last Modified: 02 Feb 2018 13:14
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