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Microfabricated planar glass gas chromatography with photoionization detection.

Lewis, A C*; Hamilton, J F*; Rhodes, C N*; Halliday, J*; Bartle, K D*; Homewood, P*; Grenfell, R J P*; Goody, B; Harling, A M; Brewer, P; Vargha, G; Milton, M J T (2010) Microfabricated planar glass gas chromatography with photoionization detection. J. Chromatography A, 1217 (5). pp. 768-774.

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We report the development of a microfabricated gas chromatography system suitable for the separation of volatile organic compounds and compatible with use as a portable measurement device. HF etching of 95 x 95 mm Schott B270 wafers has been used to give symmetrical hemi-spherical channels within a glass substrate. Two matching glass plates were subsequently cold bonded with the channels aligned; the flatness of the glass surfaces resulted in strong bonding through van der Waals forces. The device comprised gas fluidic interconnections, injection zone and 8 m and 1m long, 250 µm internal diameter capillaries. Optical microscopy confirmed the capillaries to have fully circular channel profiles. Direct column heating and cooling could be achieved using resistive heaters and/or Peltier devices. The low thermal conductivity of glass allowed for multiple uniform temperature zones to be achieved within a single glass chip. Temperature controls over the range 10 - 200 C were achieved with a power demands of approximately 25W. The 7.5 m capillary column was static coated with a film of a 2 µm film of non-polar dimethylpolysiloxane stationary phase. A FID and a miniaturised photoionisation detector (PID) were coupled to the column and combined performance tested with ppm gas mixtures of monoaromatic and monoterpene species. The low power GC-PID device showed good column performance for a small set of VOCs and sub ng detection sensitivity to monoaromatics.

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