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Utilisation of FIB/SEM technology in the assembly of an innovative micro-CMM probe.

Smale, D*; Haley, S*; Segal, J*; Ronaldo, R*; Ratchev, S*; Leach, R K; Claverley, J D (2010) Utilisation of FIB/SEM technology in the assembly of an innovative micro-CMM probe. In: 5th International Precision Assembly Seminar (IPAS 2010), February 2010, Chamonix, France.

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The measurement of features from the micro- and precision manufacturing industries requires low uncertainties and nano-scale resolution. These are best delivered through ultra precise co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). However, current CMMs are often restricted by the relatively large and insensitive probes used. This paper focuses on the assembly challenges of a novel micro CMM probe. The probe is comprised of a 70 µm glass sphere, attached to a solid tungsten-carbide shaft of diameter less than 100 µm, joined to a piezoelectric flexure structure. The assembly requirements are for positional accuracy of ± 0.5 mm, angle between the shaft and flexure of 90° ± 0.29° and that the components be undamaged by the process. A combined Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Microscope machine (FIB/SEM) with integrated nano-resolution manipulators was used. The investigation has evaluated potential assembly and joining solutions, identified modifications to existing equipment and product design and produced a set of prototypes.

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