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The PREMOS/PICARD instrument calibration.

Schmutz, W*; Fehlmann, A*; Hulsen, G*; Meindl, P*; Winkler, R; Thuillier, G*; Blattner, P*; Buisson, F*; Egorova, T*; Finsterle, W*; Fox, N P; Grobner, J*; Hochedez, J F*; Koller, S*; Meftah, M*; Meisonnier, M*; Nyeki, S*; Pfiffner, D*; Roth, H*; Rozanov, E*; Spescha, M*; Wehrli, C*; Werner, L*; Wyss, J U* (2009) The PREMOS/PICARD instrument calibration. Metrologia, 46 (4). S202-S206

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PREMOS is a space experiment scheduled to fly on the French solar mission PICARD. The experiment comprises filter radiometers and absolute radiometers to measure the spectral and total solar irradiance. The aim of PREMOS is
a) to contribute to the long term monitoring of the Total Solar Irradiance,
b) to use the irradiance observations for now-casting the state of the terrestrial middle atmosphere, and
c) to provide long term sensitivity calibration for the solar imaging instrument SODISM on PICARD.
In this paper we describe the calibration of the instruments: The filter radiometer channels in the visible and near IR have been characterized at PMOD/WRC and the UV channels were calibrated at PTB Berlin. The absolute radiometers have been compared to the World Radiometric Reference at PMOD/WRC and a power calibration relative to a primary standard realized by a cryogenic radiometer was performed in vacuum and air at NPL.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Climate Science, Space instrumentation, Solar radiometry
Subjects: Optical Radiation and Photonics
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