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Modelling and prototyping the conceptual design of 3D CMM micro-probe.

Stoyanov, S*; Bailey, C*; Leach, R K; Hughes, B; Wilson, A; O'Neill, W*; Dorey, R A*; Shaw, C*; Underhill, D*; Almond, H J* (2008) Modelling and prototyping the conceptual design of 3D CMM micro-probe. In: 2nd Electronics Systemintegration Technology Conference, 2008, Greenwich, UK.

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This paper details the prototyping of a novel three axial micro probe based on utilisation of piezoelectric sensors and actuators for true three dimensional metrology and measurements at micro- and nanometre scale. Computational mechanics is used first to model and simulate the performance of the conceptual design of the micro-probe. Piezoelectric analysis is conducted to understand performance of three different materials - silicon, glassy carbon, and nickel - and the effect of load parameters (amplitude, frequency, phase angle) on the magnitude of vibrations. Simulations are also used to compare several design options for layout of the lead zirconium titanate (PZT) sensors and to identify the most feasible from fabrication point of view design.
The material options for the realisation of the device have been also tested. Direct laser machining was selected as the primary means of production. It is found that a Yb MOPA based fiber laser was capable of providing the necessary precision on glassy carbon (GC), although machining trials on Si and Ni were less successful due to residual thermal effects.To provide the active and sensing elements on the flexures of the probe, PZT thick films are developed and deposited at low temperatures (<720 ºC) allowing a high quality functional ceramic to be directly integrated with selected materials. Characterisation of the materials has shown that the film has a homogenous and small pore microstructure.

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