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The calibration of force transducers 'on-the-fly'.

Crawshaw, A H; Robinson, A D (2002) The calibration of force transducers 'on-the-fly'. NPL Report. CMAM 86

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Present standards governing the calibration of force measuring devices stipulate that the deflections are taken under equilibrium conditions, where the calibrating force is static. Instead, if deflections were to be measured while the calibrating force swept the load range of the device, considerable savings in calibration time would accrue. Given the number of these devices in commercial use, significant benefits to the national economy would follow. Moreover, this quasi-static calibration method would approximate the manner in which force transducers are used. This report details an investigation into the possibility of calibrating force transducers ‘On-the-Fly’, evaluating the impact of this quick and economic approach on the overall measurement uncertainty. Results indicate that a 20 kN Class 00 force measuring device calibrated to BS EN ISO 376:2002 can achieve similar uncertainties at incremental loading rates up to 100 N/s. By quantifying and closely controlling the measurement uncertainty, a completely new Standard covering the influence of non-constant load could be developed.
The work described was carried out under Deliverable 2.1.9 of the National Measurement System’s Mass Programme 1999-2002, funded by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: CMAM 86
Keywords: dynamic
Subjects: Engineering Measurements
Engineering Measurements > Mass, Force, Pressure
Last Modified: 02 Feb 2018 13:17
URI: http://eprintspublications.npl.co.uk/id/eprint/2530

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