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The prediction of the thermophysical properties and the solidification of commercial alloys.

Quested, P N; Dinsdale, A T; Robinson, J A J; Mills, K C*; Hunt, J D* (2000) The prediction of the thermophysical properties and the solidification of commercial alloys. NPL Report. CMMT(A)275

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The behaviour of the multicomponent alloys used by industry can often be quite complex. For example during solidification the chemical composition of the liquid phase may vary considerably. A knowledge of the way in which variations of composition affect thermophysical properties can help industry to avoid any harmful side effects and may also act as a valuable aid to process optimisation. It is, however, expensive to provide all the required data by direct measurement, especially in cases where the industrial liquid is highly corrosive or dangerous to handle in a laboratory environment.
A number of models have been developed to estimate the enthalpies, heat capacities, densities, viscosities, thermal and electrical conductivities of multicomponent, commercial alloys in the solid and liquid states. Many of these have been reviewed here and some of the estimated values compared with measured values for the properties of various commercial alloys.
The report also includes, as an appendix, a review of experimental and numerical methods for determining the solidification path in commercial alloys provided by Dr J D Hunt.
The report is intended to be used in conjunction with Virtual Measurement System software developed at NPL to provide key information to engineers and metallurgists concerned with the solidification of commercial alloys. The tools, based on the models described in this report combined with critically assessed data developed and compiled at NPL over the years, are being validated simultaneously via a programme of measurement on specific materials chosen such that they are representative of those used by industry.

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: CMMT(A)275
Subjects: Advanced Materials
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