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Proposed future research for hardness standards.

Stanbury, G; Elkington, D (1999) Proposed future research for hardness standards. NPL Report. CMAM 31

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This report draws on experience gained during the commissioning of NPL's new hardness standards facility, of discussions at a focus group meeting on hardness held in September 1998 and consultation with other National Measurement Institutes. It describes the hardness research planned as part of the OTI's National Measurement System Programme for Mass, 1999-2002.
The proposed work falls into three key areas: necessary reductions to the uncertainty of measurements made using the NPL hardness standard machines and a comprehensive study of hardness uncertainties, provision of standards for an expanded range of hardness scales, and validation of UK hardness standards through international intercomparisons.
The reduction in the uncertainties of the hardness standard machines will be achieved by modification and monitoring of the existing equipment, including improving the depth sensing system used in the small machine ( force capacity of 2000 N ).
A study will be conducted of the factors contributing to the uncertainty of hardness measurements. The study will include a review of the most up-to-date work on hardness measurement available, supplemented with original measurements. This report will be of use to UKAS laboratories and will also provide the UK with some of the fundamental information needed to participate more effectively at ISO and EA meetings.
To provide UK industry with the range of hardness metrology support they require, their requirements must be understood. A survey will be conducted and the findings regarding additional hardness scales implemented.
It is important to the competitiveness of UK industry that UK hardness measurements are respected throughout the world. NPL will validate its standards through participation in a CCM intercomparison and an intercomparison with NIST in the USA.

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: CMAM 31
Subjects: Engineering Measurements
Engineering Measurements > Mass, Force, Pressure
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