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Badurina, L.; Bentine, E.; Blas, D.; Bongs, K.; Bortoletto, D.; Bowcock, T.; Bridges, K.; Bowden, W.; Buchmueller, O.; Burrage, C.; Coleman, J.; Elertas, G.; Ellis, J.; Foot, C.; Gibson, V.; Haehnelt, M.G.; Harte, T.; Hedges, S.; Hobson, R.; Holynski, M.; Jones, T.; Langlois, M.; Lellouch, S.; Lewicki, M.; Maiolino, R.; Majewski, P.; Malik, S.; March-Russell, J.; McCabe, C.; Newbold, D.; Sauer, B.; Schneider, U.; Shipsey, I.; Singh, Y.; Uchida, M.A.; Valenzuela, T.; Grinten, M. van der; Vaskonen, V.; Vossebeld, J.; Weatherill, D.; Wilmut, I. (2020) AION: an atom interferometer observatory and network. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2020 (05). 011 ISSN 1475-7516

Beattie, S; Jian, B; Alcock, J; Gertsvolf, M; Hendricks, R; Szymaniec, K; Gibble, K (2020) First accuracy evaluation of the NRC-FCs2 primary frequency standard. Metrologia, 57 (3). 035010 ISSN 0026-1394

Bevington, P; Gartman, R; Chalupczak, W (2020) Magnetic induction tomography of structural defects with alkali–metal spin maser. Applied Optics, 59 (8). pp. 2276-2282. ISSN 1559-128X

Bevington, P; Rajroop, J; Gartman, R; Chalupczak, W (2020) Role of the probe beam in a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer. Applied Optics, 59 (20). 6054 ISSN 1559-128X

Bevington, P.; Gartman, R.; Botelho, D. J.; Crawford, R.; Packer, M.; Fromhold, T. M.; Chalupczak, W. (2020) Object surveillance with radio-frequency atomic magnetometers. Review of Scientific Instruments, 91 (5). 055002 ISSN 0034-6748

Bevington, P.; Gartman, R.; Chalupczak, W. (2020) Generation of atomic spin orientation with a linearly polarized beam in room-temperature alkali-metal vapor. Physical Review A, 101 (1). 013436 ISSN 2469-9926

Bevington, P.; Gartman, R.; Stadnik, Y. V.; Chalupczak, W. (2020) Dual-frequency cesium spin maser. Physical Review A, 102 (3). 032804 ISSN 2469-9926

Bowden, W; Vianello, A; Hill, I R; Schioppo, M; Hobson, R (2020) Improving the Q Factor of an Optical Atomic Clock Using Quantum Nondemolition Measurement. Physical Review X, 10 (4). 041052 ISSN 2160-3308

Burrows, K; Hendricks, R J; Szymaniec, K; Gibble, K; Beattie, S; Jian, B (2020) Measuring atom positions in a microwave cavity to evaluate distributed cavity phase shifts. Metrologia, 57 (6). 065003 ISSN 0026-1394


Curtis, E A (2020) Synchronized to an optical atomic clock. Science, 368 (6493). pp. 825-826. ISSN 0036-8075


Dörscher, S; Al-Masoudi, A; Bober, M; Schwarz, R; Hobson, R; Sterr, U; Lisdat, C (2020) Dynamical decoupling of laser phase noise in compound atomic clocks. Communications Physics, 3 (1). 185 ISSN 2399-3650


Ghalanos, G N; Silver, J M; Del Bino, L; Moroney, N; Zhang, S; Woodley, M T M; Svela, A O; Del'Haye, P (2020) Kerr-Nonlinearity-Induced Mode-Splitting in Optical Microresonators. Physical Review Letters, 124 (22). 223901 ISSN 0031-9007


Hill, L; Oppo, G L; Woodley, M T M; Del'Haye, P (2020) Effects of self- and cross-phase modulation on the spontaneous symmetry breaking of light in ring resonators. Physical Review A, 101 (1). 013823 ISSN 2469-9926

Hobson, R; Bowden, W; Vianello, A; Silva, A; Baynham, C F A; Margolis, H S; Baird, P E G; Gill, P; Hill, I R (2020) A strontium optical lattice clock with 1 × 10−17 uncertainty and measurement of its absolute frequency. Metrologia, 57 (6). 065026 ISSN 0026-1394

Hobson, R.; Bowden, W.; Vianello, A.; Hill, I. R.; Gill, P. (2020) Midinfrared magneto-optical trap of metastable strontium for an optical lattice clock. Physical Review A, 101 (1). 013420 ISSN 2469-9926


Moroney, N; Del Bino, L; Woodley, M T M; Ghalanos, G N; Silver, J M; Svela, A O; Zhang, S; Del'Haye, P (2020) Logic Gates Based on Interaction of Counterpropagating Light in Microresonators. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 38 (6). pp. 1414-1419. ISSN 0733-8724


Ovchinnikov, Y B; Ayi-Yovo, F E (2020) Towards all-optical atom chips based on optical waveguides. New Journal of Physics, 22 (5). 053003 ISSN 1367-2630


Riedel, F; Al-Masoudi, A; Benkler, E; Dörscher, S; Gerginov, V; Grebing, C; Häfner, S; Huntemann, N; Lipphardt, B; Lisdat, C; Peik, E; Piester, D; Sanner, C; Tamm, C; Weyers, S; Denker, H; Timmen, L; Voigt, C; Calonico, D; Cerretto, G; Costanzo, G A; Levi, F; Sesia, I; Achkar, J; Guéna, J; Abgrall, M; Rovera, D; Chupin, B; Shi, C; Bilicki, S; Bookjans, E; Lodewyck, J; Le Targat, R; Delva, P; Bize, S; Baynes, F N; Baynham, C F A; Bowden, W; Gill, P; Godun, R M; Hill, I R; Hobson, R; Jones, J M; King, S A; Nisbet-Jones, P B R; Rolland, A; Shemar, S L; Whibberley, P B; Margolis, H S (2020) Direct comparisons of European primary and secondary frequency standards via satellite techniques. Metrologia, 57 (4). 045005 ISSN 0026-1394

Roberts, B M; Delva, P; Al-Masoudi, A; Amy-Klein, A; Bærentsen, C; Baynham, C F A; Benkler, E; Bilicki, S; Bize, S; Bowden, W; Calvert, J; Cambier, V; Cantin, E; Curtis, E A; Dörscher, S; Favier, M; Frank, F; Gill, P; Godun, R M; Grosche, G; Guo, C; Hees, A; Hill, I R; Hobson, R; Huntemann, N; Kronjäger, J; Koke, S; Kuhl, A; Lange, R; Legero, T; Lipphardt, B; Lisdat, C; Lodewyck, J; Lopez, O; Margolis, H S; Álvarez-Martínez, H; Meynadier, F; Ozimek, F; Peik, E; Pottie, P-E; Quintin, N; Sanner, C; De Sarlo, L; Schioppo, M; Schwarz, R; Silva, A; Sterr, U; Tamm, Chr; Le Targat, R; Tuckey, P; Vallet, G; Waterholter, T; Xu, D; Wolf, P (2020) Search for transient variations of the fine structure constant and dark matter using fiber-linked optical atomic clocks. New Journal of Physics, 22 (9). 093010 ISSN 1367-2630


Sanjuan, Josep; Abich, Klaus; Gohlke, Martin; Resch, Andreas; Schuldt, Thilo; Wegehaupt, Timm; Barwood, G P; Gill, P; Braxmaier, Claus (2020) Long-term stable optical cavity for special relativity tests in space: erratum (Optics Express, (2019), Vol. 27, Issue 25, p36206 - 36220). Optics Express, 28 (6). p. 7917. ISSN 1094-4087

Svela, A O; Silver, J M; Del Bino, L; Zhang, S; Woodley, M T M; Vanner, M R; Del'Haye, P (2020) Coherent suppression of backscattering in optical microresonators. Light: Science & Applications, 9 (1). 204 ISSN 2047-7538


Zhang, S; Silver, J M; Bi, Toby; Del'Haye, P (2020) Spectral extension and synchronization of microcombs in a single microresonator. Nature Communications, 11 (1). 6384 ISSN 2041-1723

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