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Burke, T*; Leach, R K; Boyd, R; Gee, M G; Roy, D; Yacoot, A; Ulrich-Danzebrink, H*; Dziomba, T*; Koenders, L*; Depero, L E*; Carneiro, K*; Dirschel, K*; Morazzani, V*; Lausmaa, J*; Pendrill, L*; Pidduck, A*; Roebben, G*; Sánchez, A*; Unger, W E S*; Proykova, A* (2011) European Nanometrology 2020. Technical Report. Co-Nanomet.

Hansen, P-E*; Roebben, G*; Babick, F*; Boyd, R; Braun, A*; Busch, I*; Danzebrink, H-U*; Depero, L*; Dirscherl, K*; Dziomba, T*; Eriksson, E*; Franks, K*; Gee, M G; Jennett, N M; Kestens, V*; Koenders, L*; Krumrey, M*; Lausmaa, J*; Leach, R K; Pendrill, L*; Pidduck, A*; Put, S*; Roy, D; Stintz, M*; Turan, R*; Yacoot, A (2010) Introductory guide to nanometrology. Technical Report. European Commission.


Leach, R K; Boyd, R; Burke, T*; Danzebrink, H-U*; Dirscherl, K*; Dziomba, T*; Gee, M G; Koenders, L*; Morazzani, V*; Pidduck, A*; Roy, D; Unger, W E S*; Yacoot, A (2011) The European nanometrology landscape. Nanotechnology, 22. 062001

Bakucz, P*; Yacoot, A; Dziomba, T*; Krüger-Sehm, R* (2008) Neural network approximation of tip-abrasion effects in AFM-imaging. Meas. Sci. Technol., 19 (6). 065101

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