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Lowe, D H; Todd, A D W*; Van den Bossche, R*; Bloembergen, P*; Anhalt, K*; Ballico, M*; Bourson, F*; Briaudeau, S*; Campos, J*; Cox, M G; del Campo, D*; Dury, M R; Gavrilov, V*; Grigoryeva, I*; Hernanz, M L*; Jahan, F*; Khlevnoy, B*; Khromchenko, V*; Lu, X*; Machin, G; Mantilla, J M*; Martin, M J*; McEvoy, H C; Rougie, B*; Sadli, M*; Salim, S G R*; Sasajima, N*; Taubert, D R*; van der Ham, E*; Wang, T*; Wei, D*; Whittam, A; Wilthan, B*; Woods, D J*; Woodward, J T*; Woolliams, E R; Yamada, Y*; Yamaguchi, Y*; Yoon, H W*; Yuan, Z* (2017) The equilibrium liquidus temperatures of rhenium-carbon, platinum-carbon and cobalt-carbon eutectic alloys. Metrologia, 54 (3). pp. 390-398.

Dury, M R; Arneil, T C*; Machin, G; Goodman, T M (2014) Size-of-source effect sensitivities in radiometers. Int. J. Thermophysics, 35 (6-7). pp. 1391-1400.

Dury, M R; Goodman, T M; Lowe, D H; Machin, G; Woolliams, E R (2013) Development of a new radiometer for the thermodynamic measurement of high temperature fixed points. AIP Conf. Proc., 1552. pp. 65-70.

Ball, C P; Levick, A P; Woolliams, E R; Green, P D; Dury, M R; Winkler, R; Deadman, A J; Fox, N P; King, M D* (2013) Effects of the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) phase transition at 19 °C on the use of Spectralon as a reference standard for reflectance. Appl. Opt., 52 (20). pp. 4806-4812.

Woolliams, E R; Dury, M R; Burnitt, T A; Alexander, P E R; Winkler, R; Hartree, W S; Salim, S G R; Machin, G (2011) Primary radiometry for the Mise-en-Pratique for the definition of the kelvin: the hybrid method. Int. J. Thermophysics, 31 (1-2). pp. 1-11.

Salim, S G R; Woolliams, E R; Dury, M R; Lowe, D H; Pearce, J V; Machin, G; Fox, N P; Sun, T*; Grattan, K T V* (2009) Furnace uniformity effects on Re-C fixed-point melting plateaux. Metrologia, 46 (1). pp. 33-42.

Dury, M R; Theocharous, E; Harrison, N; Fox, N P; Hilton, M* (2007) Common black coatings - reflectance and ageing characteristics in the 0.32 - 14.3 µm wavelength range. Opt. Commun., 270. pp. 262-272.

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