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Furnace uniformity effects on Re-C fixed-point melting plateaux.

Salim, S G R; Woolliams, E R; Dury, M R; Lowe, D H; Pearce, J V; Machin, G; Fox, N P; Sun, T*; Grattan, K T V* (2009) Furnace uniformity effects on Re-C fixed-point melting plateaux. Metrologia, 46 (1). pp. 33-42.

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This paper describes a thorough investigation of the Vega BB3500 furnace to improve the quality and duration of the melt plateaux of a Re-C eutectic cell. The results of this investigation have shown that the position of the cell within the furnace is the most critical factor when setting up the furnace. Better results were obtained with uniform ring resistance than with highly non-uniform resistance profiles. However, this effect was relatively small. Hot rings, added either side of the cell, but several rings beyond the cell, can make a considerable improvement in the plateaux. However, the cell is very sensitive to the positioning of these hot rings. A new cell holder was designed and introduced. Raising the cell on supporting rings provided a radiative gap that increased the thermal uniformity of the cell itself. CC-sheet wrapped loosely around the cell further improved the uniformity of the cell wall and hence the plateau quality. Following these changes plateau duration was increased by a factor of five.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Furnace, Eutectics, Plateaux
Subjects: Optical Radiation and Photonics
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