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Beurey, C; Gozlan, B; Carré, M; Bacquart, T; Morris, A; Moore, N; Arrhenius, K; Meuzelaar, H; Persijn, S; Rojo, A; Murugan, A (2021) Review and Survey of Methods for Analysis of Impurities in Hydrogen for Fuel Cell Vehicles According to ISO 14687:2019. Frontiers in Energy Research, 8. 615149 ISSN 2296-598X

Arrhenius, K; Büker, O; Fischer, A; Persijn, S; Moore, N D (2020) Development and evaluation of a novel analyser for ISO14687 hydrogen purity analysis. Measurement Science and Technology, 31 (7). 075010 ISSN 0957-0233

van der Veen, A M H; Zalewska, E T; van Osselen, D R; Fernández, T E; Gómez, C; Beránek, J; Oudwater, R J; Sobrinho, D C; Brum, M C; Augusto, C R; Fükö, J; Büki, T; Nagyné Szilági, Z; Brewer, P J; Downey, M L; Brown, R J C; Valkova, M; Durisova, Z; Arrhenius, K; Magnusson, B; Yaghooby, H; Tarhan, T; Engin, E; Konopelko, L A; Popova, T A; Pir, M N; Efremova, O V (2020) International comparison CCQM-K112 biogas. Metrologia, 57 (1A). 08011 ISSN 0026-1394

Murugan, A; de Huu, M; Bacquart, T; van Wijk, J; Arrhenius, K; te Ronde, I; Hemfrey, D (2019) Measurement challenges for hydrogen vehicles. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44 (35). pp. 19326-19333. ISSN 03603199

Haloua, F; Bacquart, T; Arrhenius, K; Delobelle, B; Ent, H (2018) Metrology for hydrogen energy applications: a project to address normative requirements. Measurement Science and Technology, 29 (3). 034001

Arrhenius, K; Yaghooby, H; Rosell, L; Buker, O; Culleton, L; Bartlett, S; Murugan, A; Brewer, P J; Li, J R; van der Veen, A M H; Krom, I; Lestremau, F; Beranek, J (2017) Suitability of vessels and adsorbents for the short-term storage of biogas/biomethane for the determination of impurities - siloxanes, sulfur compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons, BTEX. Biomass Bioenergy, 105. pp. 127-135.

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