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Walton, J*; Alexander, M R*; Fairley, N*; Roach, P*; Shard, A G (2016) Film thickness measurement and contamination layer correction for quantitative XPS. Surf. Interface Anal., 48 (3). pp. 164-172.

Bailey, J*; Havelund, R; Shard, A G; Gilmore, I S; Alexander, M R*; Sharp, J S*; Scurr, D J* (2015) 3D ToF-SIMS imaging pf polymer multi layer films using argon cluster sputter depth profiling. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7 (4). pp. 2654-2659.

Shard, A G; Havelund, R; Spencer, S J; Gilmore, I S; Alexander, M R*; Angerer, T B*; Aoyagi, S*; Barnes, J P*; Benayad, A*; Bernasik, A*; Ceccone, G*; Counsell, J D P*; Deeks, C*; Fletcher, J S*; Graham, D J*; Heuser, C*; Lee, T G*; Marie, C*; Marzec, M M*; Mishra, G*; Rading, D*; Renault, O*; Scurr, D J*; Shon, H K*; Spampinato, V*; Tian, H*; Wang, F Y*; Winograd, N*; Wu, K*; Wucher, A*; Zhou, Y F*; Zhu, Z H* (2015) Measuring compositions in organic depth profiling: results from a VAMAS interlaboratory study. J. Phys. Chem. B, 119 (33). pp. 10784-10797.

Passarelli, M K*; Newman, C F*; Marshall, P S*; West, A*; Gilmore, I S; Bunch, J; Alexander, M R*; Dollery, C T* (2015) Single-cell analysis: visualizing pharmaceutical and metabolite uptake in cells with label-free 3D mass. Anal. Chem., 87 (13). pp. 6696-6702.

Bowfield, A; Bunch, J; Salter, T L; Stevens, R T; Gilmore, I S; Barrett, D A*; Alexander, M R*; Mckay, K*; Bradley, J W* (2014) Characterisation of micro-plasmas for ambient mass spectrometry imaging. Analyst, 139 (21). pp. 5430-5438.

Rafati, A*; Boussahel, A*; Shakesheff, K M*; Shard, A G; Roberts, C J*; Chen, X*; Scurr, D J*; Rigby-Singleton, S*; Whiteside, P*; Alexander, M R*; Davvies, M C* (2012) Chemical and spatial analysis of protein loaded PLGA microspheres for drug delivery applications. J. Control. Rel., 162 (2). pp. 321-329.

Bowfield, A*; Barrett, D A; Alexander, M R*; Ortori, C A*; Rutten, F M*; Salter, T L; Gilmore, I S; Bradley, J W (2012) Surface analysis using a new plasma assisted desorption ionisation source for mass spectrometry in ambient air. Rev. Sci. Instrum., 83 (6). 063503

Alexander, M R*; Gilmore, I S (2011) Analytical techniques: surface and interfacial characterisation. Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol., 15 (5). pp. 664-666.

Ogaki, R*; Gilmore, I S; Alexander, M R*; Green, F M; Davies, M C*; Lee, J L S (2011) Surface mass spectrometry of two component drug-polymer systems: novel chromatographic separation method using gentle-secondary ion mass spectrometry (G-SIMS). Anal. Chem., 83 (10). pp. 3627-3631.

Rafati, A*; Boussahel, A*; Shard, A G; Shakesheff, K M*; Whiteside, P T*; Rigby-Singleton, S*; Roberts, C J*; Chen, X*; Scurr, D J*; Alexander, M R*; Davies, M C* (2010) Scrutiny of controlled release protein loaded PLGA microspheres using surface analytical techniques. J. Pharmacy Pharm., 62 (10). pp. 1348-1349.

Scurr, D J*; Horlacher, T*; Oberli, M A*; Werz, D B*; Kroeck, L*; Bufali, S*; Seeberger, P H*; Shard, A G; Alexander, M R* (2010) Surface characterization of carbohydrate microarrays. Langmuir, 26 (22). pp. 17143-17155.

Shard, A G; Rafati, A*; Ogaki, R*; Lee, J L S*; Hutton, S*; Mishra, G*; Davies, M C*; Alexander, M R* (2009) Organic depth profiling of a binary system: the compositional effect on secondary ion yield and a model for charge transfer during secondary ion emission. J. Phys. Chem. B, 113 (34). pp. 11574-11582.

Ogaki, R*; Shard, A G; Li, S M*; Vert, M*; Luk, S*; Alexander, M R*; Gilmore, I S; Davies, M C* (2008) Extracting information on the surface monomer unit distribution of PLGA by ToF-SIMS. Surf. Interface Anal., 40 (8). pp. 1168-1175.

Ogaki, R*; Green, F M; Li, S*; Vert, M*; Alexander, M R*; Gilmore, I S; Davies, M C* (2008) A comparison of the static SIMS and G-SIMS spectra of biodegradable homo-polyesters. Surf. Interface Anal., 40 (8). pp. 1202-1208.

Ogaki, R*; Green, F M; Li, S*; Vert, M*; Alexander, M R*; Gilmore, I S; Davies, M C* (2006) G-SIMS of biodegradable homo-polyesters. Appl. Surf. Sci., 252 (19). pp. 6797-6800.

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