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An assessment of medical ultrasonic field measurement methods: final technical report for EC contract no. MAT1-CT940064.

Esward, T J (1998) An assessment of medical ultrasonic field measurement methods: final technical report for EC contract no. MAT1-CT940064. NPL Report. CMAM 17

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This document is the final report for EC contract no. MATI-CT940064, entitled An Assessment of Medical Ultrasonic Field Measurement Methods.
The aim of the project was to carry out a European intercomparison of measurements on two reference devices, an NPL check source and a Dynamic hnaging diagnostic medical ultrasound scanner, in accordance with IEC 1157, 1993, Requirements for the declaration of the acoustic output of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. This standard is already being used by European manufacturers of medical ultrasound equipment as one means of demonstrating compliance with aspects of the Essential Requirements of the EC Medical Devices Directive which came into effect on 1 January 1995 (93/42/EEC). The project was organised radially, with the co-ordinator, NPL, taking a central role. A total of ten participants from seven EC countries have made measurements to IEC 1157 on the check source and scanner, with NPL carrying out the co-ordination, stability tests and inter-participant checks on the reference devices, and final analysis and reporting of the results.
The participants have carried out measurements on a modem, portable diagnostic scanner whose radiated fields pose a substantial challenge even to the most up-to-date measurement technologies. It appears that the single most important factor which contributes to differences between the results reported by participating laboratories is the range of different hydrophone and amplifier systems used. The measurements which were required on the NPL check source were extremely helpful in identifying effects arising from the different measurement systems.
The report concludes with recommendations for possible future work identified as a result of
undertaking this project.
This three-year project was funded partly by the Directorate-General for Science, Research and Development of the Commission of the European Communities, and partly by the United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry, as well as by the participating laboratories.

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NPL Report No.: CMAM 17
Subjects: Acoustics
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