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Studies of fission fragment yields via high-resolution γ-ray spectroscopy

Wilson, J.N.; Lebois, M.; Qi, L.; Amador-Celdran, P; Bleuel, D.; Briz, J.A.; Carroll, R.; Catford, W.; Witte, H. De; Doherty, D.T.; Eloirdi, R.; Georgiev, G.; Gottardo, A.; Goasduff, A.; Hadyñska-Klek, K.; Hauschild, K.; Hess, H.; Ingeberg, V.; Konstantinopoulos, T.; Ljungvall, J.; Lopez-Martens, A.; Lorusso, G.; Lozeva, R.; Lutter, R.; Marini, P.; Matea, I.; Materna, T.; Mathieu, L.; Oberstedt, A.; Oberstedt, S.; Panebianco, S.; Podolyak, Zs.; Porta, A.; Regan, P.H.; Reiter, P.; Rezynkina, K.; Rose, S.J.; Sahin, E.; Seidlitz, M.; Serot, O.; Shearman, R.; Siebeck, B.; Siem, S.; Smith, A.G.; Tveten, G.M.; Verney, D.; Warr, N.; Zeiser, F.; Zielinska, M. (2018) Studies of fission fragment yields via high-resolution γ-ray spectroscopy. EPJ Web of Conferences, 169. 00030 ISSN 2100-014X

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Precise spectroscopic information on the fast neutron induced fission of the 238U(n,f) reaction was recentlg gained using a new technqiue which involved coupling of the Miniball high resolution gamma-ray spectrometer and the LICORNE directional neutron source.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Nuclear decay data; radionuclide metrology; gamma-ray spectroscopy; fission fragment data.
Subjects: Ionising Radiation > Radioactivity
Divisions: Chemical, Medical & Environmental Science
Identification number/DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/201816900030
Last Modified: 17 Jul 2018 14:16
URI: http://eprintspublications.npl.co.uk/id/eprint/8003

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