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Final Report on the Euramet-PR-K1.a-2009 comparison of spectral irradiance 250 nm to 2500 nm.

Goodman, T M; Servantes, W R; Woolliams, E R; Sperfeld, P*; Simionescu, M*; Blattner, P*; Källberg, S*; Khlevnoy, B*; Dekker, P* (2015) Final Report on the Euramet-PR-K1.a-2009 comparison of spectral irradiance 250 nm to 2500 nm. NPL Report. OP 12

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This report gives the results of the EURAMET.PR-K1.a-2009 Comparison of Spectral Irradiance over the wavelength range 250 nm - 2500 nm. Seven laboratories took part, including the pilot. In general the results are consistent, with a few exceptions as explained in the report.
The EURAMET.PR-K1.a Key Comparison detailed in this report was carried out to establish the degrees of equivalence for the participating European laboratories with respect to the Key Comparison Reference Value (KCRV) of the CCPR-K1.a Key Comparison. The EURAMET.PR-K1.a Key Comparison was piloted by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), who also acted as pilot for the CCPR-K1.a Key Comparison; a further linkage to the KCRV of the CCPR-K1.a Key Comparison was provided through the participation of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in both comparisons. The other participants were: National Institute of Metrology of Romania (INM-RO), Federal Office of Metrology (METAS), SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP), All Russian Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements (VNIIOFI) and VSL Dutch Metrology Institute (VSL).
Measurements were made by each laboratory at 44 designated wavelengths, or a subset of these wavelengths. The link laboratories made measurements at all 44 wavelengths. For the purposes of analysis each wavelength has been treated independently, as for the CCPR K1.a comparison.

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: OP 12
Subjects: Optical Radiation and Photonics
Optical Radiation and Photonics > Photometry and Sources
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URI: http://eprintspublications.npl.co.uk/id/eprint/6737

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