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Measuring the temperature of industrial success.

Machin, G (2012) Measuring the temperature of industrial success. AWE Int., 30 (June). pp. 59-63.

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When we think of productive, efficient industrial output, many drivers may spring to mind: innovative thinking, strong R&D and of course a workforce to drive the end result. What may not come to mind is reliable temperature measurement; but, put simply, for many industrial processes this is fundamental 'given' to ensure success and efficiency.
This success crosses many diverse fields of industry ranging from aerospace to nuclear fuel production, iron, steel, glass and ceramics manufacture. The reliable measurement of temperatures above 1000 ºC in these scenarios industries is vital to ensure competitive high quality outputproducts.
In addition to strong productsoutput, the aforementioned industries have other goals. These include improved reduced carbon emissions reduction, better energy use and obtaining `zero waste' in the manufacturing senseprocess. There's one way of reaching attaining all these aspirations - improved high temperature measurement.
Clearly, the case for better temperature to improve industrial output is strong, as highlighted above. Naturally, improving industrial temperature measurement is in itself an industrial task; a chance for collaboration on a truly large scale. This is where how the research encompassed in the high temperature metrology for industrial applications (HiTeMS) projectresearch came to life.

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