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Complex nanostructures growth based on laser ablation in liquid and sequential self-assembly process.

Yang, L (2011) Complex nanostructures growth based on laser ablation in liquid and sequential self-assembly process. In: Laser Ablation in Liquids - Principles and Applications in the Preparation of Nanomaterials. Pan Stanford Publishing, pp. 769-814. ISBN 9789814310956

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This chapter is mainly concerned with the fundamental aspects governing the self-assembly of nanomaterials made using Laser Ablation in Liquid (LAL). We have demonstrated that well-organized carbon nitride nanostructures can be produced by LAL using solid graphite and ammonia solution, without the assistance of any surfactants or pre-treatments. A range of different carbon nitride structures with different length scales can be fabricated via a self-assembly ordering scheme. The size and morphology of these nanomaterials can be controlled by adjusting the growth conditions. A sequential self-assembly process was developed to generate two-dimensional or three-dimensional carbon nitride well-defined hierarchical complex structures. by controlling the evaporation rate, it was possible to create a range of nanoscale structures, including dense nanospheres, highly-symmetric flowers, and uniform grass-like structures, respectively. The growth of such complex structures is governed by an evaporation-driven self-assembly process. The small building blocks, such as nanoparticles or nanorods nucleate on the existing crystals and share the same edges, to form a close-packed arrangement. By varying the design of the building blocks, materials combination, interfacial chemistry, and confining dimensions, new structured materials with useful functional properties can be achieved by this novel LAL approach.

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Subjects: Nanoscience
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Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing
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