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Stability and robustness tests on Co-C, Pt-C and Re-C cells: the first results.

Sadli, M*; Yamada, Y*; Wang, T*; Yoon, H*; Bloembergen, P*; Machin, G (2008) Stability and robustness tests on Co-C, Pt-C and Re-C cells: the first results. Acta Metrologica Sinica, 29 (5A). pp. 59-64.

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The evaluation and long term stablity of a series of cells is undertaken in the frame of the international project devoted to the study of high temperature fixed points and launched in the frame of the activities of the working group 5 "radiation thermometry" of the CCT. This project will hopefully allow a complete evaluation of the three of the most promising metal carbon eutectic ponts Co-C, Pt-C and Re-C. At least four cells of each of these three eutectic points have been constructed by different laboratories (NMIJ, NPL and LNE-INM). The stability tests have been (or are to be) accomplished by NMIJ (Co-C), NIM (Pt-C) and NIST (Re-C); they consist in the ageing of one cell of each type for a period of 50 hours around the meliting point. The aged cell is compared to one of the three other cells before and after aging and the drift then derived. The aged Pt-C cell has proved stable to within 0.05 K whilst some difficulties have been met with Co_C which have led to reconsidering the design of the cells. The acing tests have not been performed on the Re-C to date and will be presented, if available, during the conference.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: high temperature fixed points, eutectics
Subjects: Engineering Measurements
Engineering Measurements > Thermal
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