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Advanced metrology for new generation nuclear power plants.

Johansson, L C; Filtz, J-R*; DeFelice, P*; Sadli, M*; Plompen, A*; Hay, B*; Dinsdale, A T; Pomme, S*; Cassette, P*; Keightley, J D (2011) Advanced metrology for new generation nuclear power plants. In: 2nd IMEKO TC11 International Symposium Metrological Infrastructure, 15-17 June 2011, Cavtat, Dubrovnik Riviera, Croatia.

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This EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme) project [1] is looking at solving metrological problems related to a new generation of nuclear power plants. The proposed Generation IV power plants are designed to run safely, make efficient use of natural resources, minimize the waste and maintain proliferation resistance. In order to reach these goals, the reactor operation involves higher temperatures, high-energy neutron fluence, different types of fuel where the minor actinides are also used as fuel etc. In this multidisciplinary project, which has 12 partners in 10 countries, the work is focused on improved temperature measurements, investigation of thermal properties of advanced materials, determination of new and relevant nuclear data and development of measurement techniques for radionuclides suitable for Generation IV power plants.

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