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Characterisation of photon counting systems at NPL.

Theocharous, E; Cheung, J Y; Chunnilall, C J (2010) Characterisation of photon counting systems at NPL. Proc. SPIE - Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 7681. 768105

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The full characterisation of photon counting detection systems is important because it allows the identification and subsequent adoption of the system with the optimum performance. It also allows the uncertainty contributions introduced by that particular detection system to be calculated and used in the estimation of the combined uncertainty of the measurement in which that detection system is being used. The Optical Technologies Division at NPL has assembled dedicated facilities, which are able to characterise the critical operating parameters of photon counting systems anywhere in the 250 nm to 1600 nm wavelength region. These include the absolute and relative spectral responsivity over the wavelength range of interest, the spatial uniformity of response at the wavelengths of interest, the deviation from a true linear response as a function of incident radiant power/irradiance and the stability of response as a function of time or ageing. Using these facilities, the performance of a number of photon counting systems has been evaluated in an effort to identify the most appropriate detector technologies for the various radiometric applications NPL is currently addressing. This document describes the dedicated facilities which exist at NPL and highlights how they are being used to provide traceable measurements of the key performance parameters of photon counting systems. Examples of characterisations of photon counting systems are presented.

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Subjects: Optical Radiation and Photonics
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