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Thermophysical properties

Quested, P N; Valencia, J J* (2010) Thermophysical properties. In: ASM Handbook Vol. 22B: Metals process simulation. ASM. ISBN 9781615030057

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This article introduces the typical values for the most used types of thermophysical property data that are needed for processing and modeling of solidification and casting processes. The following conclusions can be drawn:
·Throughout this survey, values have been quoted. These should be used with discretion and taken as representative values for materials and not necessarily values for a particular system or process.
·The properties considered are specific heat capacity, enthalpy of melting, solidus and liquidus temperatures, coefficient of thermal expansion, density, surface tension, viscosity, electrical and thermal conductivity, and emissivity appropriate to metals, alloys, and molds..
·The prediction of properties has advanced in recent years, but some care is needed in validating the data.
·Before commissioning expensive work to measure properties, the user is advised to check the sensitivity of the required predictions to changes in the input thermophysical data. This will enable measurement efforts to concentrate on the critical data needed.
·Among properties not considered are:
a. Chemical diffusion coefficients and partition coefficients, which can strongly affect the chemistry at the microstructural scale
b. Mechanical properties of the metal close to the solidus temperature where it is very weak, with implications to the strength such as susceptibility to hot tearing and cracking
c. Mechanical properties of molds at appropriate temperatures during casting

Item Type: Book Chapter/Section
Keywords: thermophysical properties, computer simulation, metals, alloys, ceramics, density, enthalpy, specific heat, viscsosity, emissivity, surface tension
Subjects: Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials > Metals and Alloys
Publisher: ASM
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