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Measurement and specification of lighting: a look at the future.

Goodman, T M (2009) Measurement and specification of lighting: a look at the future. Lighting Res. Technol., 41 (3). pp. 229-243.

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Measurement is at the heart of our modern technological world, supporting trade, industry and science and underpinning the regulatory framework that helps maintain and improve our quality of life, in areas as diverse as public health and safety, climate change, and sport and leisure. Unlike a large proportion of the millions of measurements made each day, those relating to things we can `see', such as lamps and lighting, are not based only on physical parameters, but must also take account of the human visual responses. This paper explores the shortcomings in our current measurement systems for light and lighting, and highlights where further research is needed in order to understand more fully the ways in which light affects us. The latest advances in instrumentation and data analysis techniques are also reviewed and the potential consequences for measurements of lighting and glazing are considered.

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Subjects: Optical Radiation and Photonics
Optical Radiation and Photonics > Photometry and Sources
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