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National Measurement Office - Acoustics and Ionising Radiation strategy.

DuSautoy, A R (2009) National Measurement Office - Acoustics and Ionising Radiation strategy. NPL Report. AC 7

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This report summarises the Acoustics & Ionising Radiation Programme Strategy. The main driver for the programme is Quality of Life. Much of the programme is therefore concerned with developing the standards and infrastructure to meet society¿s changing needs and regulatory requirements. Rapid technological developments are also driving measurement needs new instrumentation for acoustical measurement (based on micro-electro-mechanical systems) and radioactivity (micro-fluidic devices) are just two examples. External economic changes such as those in the energy sector (for example, the nuclear new build, measurement of cavitation and decommissioning nuclear sites) also bring new challenges to metrology.

This document sets out the strategic priorities of the programme. The Programme is delivered by National Physical Laboratory, and has a value of £8.5M p.a., which is 14% of the total National Measurement Office Budget. The programme is divided into four technical themes (Acoustics, Radiation Dosimetry, Radioactivity and Neutron metrology) plus Knowledge Transfer and Management.

The Strategic measurement priorities are:

Healthcare Therapeutics
Improving cure rates and quality of life for UK citizens
Healthcare Diagnostics
Medical diagnostic techniques for accurate and earlier diagnosis of disease e.g. in nuclear medicine, ultrasound and X-ray
Healthcare - Personal Safety
Protection of the public and radiation workers from ionising radiation
Environmental Sustainability - Pollution
Decommissioning of nuclear power facilities, management of radioactive discharges and nuclear waste.
Protection of the public and marine environment from anthropogenic noise exposure,
using for example MEMS
Security - National Security
Prevent and reduce significant security threats, national emergencies and improve to personal security e.g. microfluidics
Energy Gen & Transmission
Maintain and develop capabilities for new energy sources and for existing and new nuclear power facilities.
Advanced Manufacturing
The optimised application of industrial processes and non-destructive monitoring techniques e.g. measurement of cavitation
Underpinning Metrology
Enabling the measurement of acoustics and ionising radiation quantities at the accuracy required by society and regulation

This document outlines ten roadmaps to address these priorities: 1 Sound-in-Air, 2 Sound-in-Water, 3 Ultrasonics for Medical Applications, 4 Ultrasonics for Industrial Applications, 5 Radiotherapy, 6 Chemical/Industrial Dosimetry, 7 Neutrons, 8 Radioactivity Primary and Secondary Standards, 9 Radioactivity related Environmental, Decommissioning and Radiation Protection activities and 10 Radioactivity related Health activities.

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: AC 7
Subjects: Ionising Radiation
Ionising Radiation > Dosimetry
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