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A roadmap for thermal metrology.

Bojkovski, J*; Fischer, J*; Machin, G; Pavese, F*; Peruzzi, A*; Renaot, E*; Tegeler, E* (2009) A roadmap for thermal metrology. Int. J. Thermophysics, 30 (1). pp. 1-8.

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Initial roadmaps for thermal metrology were developed in Spring 2006 as part of the EUROMET iMERA activity towards increasing impact from national investment in European metrology R&D. Two were developed one addressing the influence of thermal metrology on society, industry and science the other specifying the requirements of enabling thermal metrology to serve future needs. The Roadmaps represent the shared vision of the EUROMET TC Therm committee as to how thermal metrology should develop to meet future requirements over the next 15 years. These documents are 'live' entities, subject to regular review and revision as needs and technologies evolve.

The first roadmap, under the title 'Thermal metrology for society, industry and science' identifies main social and economic triggers driving developments in thermal metrology - notably citizen safety and security, new production technologies, environment and global climate change, energy and health. Stemming from these triggers, key targets are identified which require improved thermal measurements.

The second roadmap, under the title 'Enabling thermal metrology to serve future needs' identifies another set of triggers, like global trade and interoperability, future needs in transport and earth radiation budget. Stemming from these triggers, key targets are identified, such as improved realisations and dissemination of the SI unit the kelvin, anchoring the kelvin to the Boltzmann constant, kB, and calculating thermal properties from first principles. To facilitate these outcomes, the roadmap identifies the technical advances required in thermal measurement standards.

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