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Automatic characterization of thermoelectric homogeneity.

Pearce, J (2008) Automatic characterization of thermoelectric homogeneity. Acta Metrologica Sinica, 29 (5A). pp. 313-319.

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The advent of high temperature fixed points consisting of metal-carbon eutectic alloys has opened the possibility of dramatically reducing thermocouple calibration uncertainties above 1084 °C (freezing point of copper). This improvement is particularly marked for the high performance Pt/Pd thermocouple. Reliable characterization of the uncertainty of high precision thermocouples is critically dependent on a knowledge of all contributions to the measurement uncertainty. The thermoelectric homogeneity is one of the more important components of this uncertainty, particularly at high temperatures. In a previous paper1 a method was described for the determination of the thermoelectric homogeneity of the wires of a thermocouple using a moveable localised heat source. Here the automation of this procedure is described, and a simplified data reduction procedure is summarized. The new method permits a qualitative (simple analysis) and/or quantitative (more involved analysis) characterization of the thermoelectric profile of the thermocouple and facilitates a greater understanding of the effects of heat treatment and other exposures to high temperatures on the thermoelectric homogeneity. 1 J.V. Pearce, Quantitative determination of the uncertainty arising from the inhomogeneity of thermocouples, Measurement Science and Technology 2007, 18: 3489-3495

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Thermocouples, high temperature fixed points, contact thermometry
Subjects: Engineering Measurements
Engineering Measurements > Thermal
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