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Calibration and measurement issues for therapeutic ultrasound.

Shaw, A; Hodnett, M (2008) Calibration and measurement issues for therapeutic ultrasound. Ultrasonics, 48 (4). pp. 234-252.

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This review paper examines some of the issues relating to calibration and measurement of therapeutic medical ultrasonic equipment (MUE). This is not intended to be an all-encompassing review of all aspects of characterising therapeutic ultrasound. Instead it concentrates on issues related to the acoustic output of two applications: physiotherapy and high intensity focused ultrasound surgery (HIFUS or HIFU; also referred to as high intensity therapeutic ultrasound, HITU). Physiotherapy has a well-established standards infrastructure for calibration: the requirements are small in number and well-defined. The issue for physiotherapy is not so much `How to calibrate?' but rather, `How to ensure that equipment IS calibrated?' The situation in the much newer area of HIFU is very different: the first steps towards writing standards are just starting and even the very basic questions of what to measure and with what type of sensor are open for debate. Readers whose main interest is in other ultrasound therapies will find ideas of relevance to their own speciality.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: HIFU, therapeutic ultrasound, physiotherapy, calibration, standards
Subjects: Acoustics
Acoustics > Ultrasound
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