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Standards to support performance evaluation for diagnostic ultrasound imaging equipment.

Shaw, A; Hekkenberg, R* (2007) Standards to support performance evaluation for diagnostic ultrasound imaging equipment. NPL Report. AC 2

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The National Physical Laboratory has been asked by the National Measurement System Policy Unit (NMSPU) of the UK Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) to explore whether there are ways in which the NMSPU Acoustics and Ionising Radiation programme can contribute to better or more useful performance evaluation methods for ultrasound. This report includes the findings of a survey of hospital departments and users, and makes recommendations for further research and development which can be followed up in the NMSPU programme either at NPL or elsewhere.
Four topics were identified as being of highest priority:
1. Traceability of measurements using phantoms (including the establishment of reference measurement capability for absorption coefficient, backscatter coefficient and nonlinearity parameter for tissue mimics used in imaging phantoms and their variation with frequency and temperature, to augment existing capabilities for measurement of speed of sound and attenuation coefficient); the development of a method for monitoring changes in the acoustic properties of intact phantoms (where the use of reference measurement methods would not be appropriate as they would require disassembly of the phantom); and the development of a system for measuring changes in dimensions and wire separations within intact phantoms.
2. The evaluation of more general imaging metrics such as the Point Spread Function, Modulation Transfer Function, noise power spectrum and contrast-to-noise ratio which are widely used in other imaging modalities.
3. The development of scatter-free phantom for the determination point spread function throughout the imaging plane.
4. A benchmarking exercise to establish in detail how much time and money is spent on ultrasound QA and performance assessment across the UK.
A further seven topics were identified as important but of lower priority either because they are under the control of manufacturers or because they naturally follow on from one of the highest priority topics.

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NPL Report No.: AC 2
Keywords: ultrasound, imaging, performance assessment
Subjects: Acoustics
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