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Intelligent routes to the controlled synthesis of nanoparticles.

Brown, R J C; Krishnadasan, S*; deMello, A J*; deMello, J C* (2007) Intelligent routes to the controlled synthesis of nanoparticles. Lab on a Chip, 7 (11). pp. 1434-1441.

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We describe an autonomous black-box system for the controlled synthesis of fluorescent nanoparticles. The system uses a microfluidic reactor to carry out the synthesis and an in-line spectrometer to monitor the emission spectra of the emergent particles. The acquired data is fed into a control algorithm which reduces each spectrum to a scalar dissatisfaction coefficient and then intelligently updates the reaction conditions in an effort to minimise this coefficient and so drive the system towards a desired goal. In the tests reported here, CdSe nanoparticles were prepared by separately injecting solutions of CdO and Se into the two inlets of a heated y-shaped microfluidic reactor. A noise-tolerant global search algorithm was then used to efficiently identify - without any human intervention - the injection rates and temperature that yielded the optimum intensity for a chosen emission wavelength.

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Subjects: Nanoscience
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