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Convergence of techniques for the evaluation of discrepant data.

MacMahon, D; Pearce, A; Harris, P M (2004) Convergence of techniques for the evaluation of discrepant data. Appl. Radiat. Isot., 60 (2-4). pp. 275-282.

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The problem of evaluating discrepant data has been addressed by several authors in recent years. More recently some attention has been given to the use of the median, which is expected to have better statistical 'robustness'. It would be expected that the various evaluation techniques should converge towards the 'true' value as the number of data in a data set increases. The 'robustness' of each evaluation technique could then be tested by the rate at which that technique converges. This paper shows how the results of applying several evaluation techniques to discrepant data sets converge as the size of the data set grows. The discrepant data sets used as examples are the measured half-lives of 90Sr and 137Cs. Differences in the behaviour of the evaluation techniques, as applied to these data sets, are discussed.

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Subjects: Ionising Radiation
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