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Numerical algorithm for metrology.

Barker, R M; Reid, I* (2001) Numerical algorithm for metrology. In: National Measurement Conference (NMC) 2001, 6-8 November 2001, Harrogate, UK.

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Numerical algorithms are key for almost all areas of metrology. Ensuring that good quality algorithms are available to metrology practitioners, are documented in readily understandable terms, and are available within their chosen work environment, is a real challenge.
The major premise here is that most metrology practitioners are better employed doing metrology rather than becoming embroiled in numerical computation. This premise was recognised and acted upon as part of the Software Support for Metrology (SSfM) programme with a project on Software Reuse. The project sought ways to provide world-class numerical software to the Metrology community in an easy-to-use manner. The project identified the web as the key delivery mechanism and developed an embryonic website to be the initial delivery vehicle for the METROlogy Software (METROS) concept. Under SSfM-2 this idea is being extended with the aim of further populating METROS and making it the delivery vehicle of choice for all numerical software within Metrology.
This talk will look briefly at the METROS Environment and most importantly how it can be best populated with solution software. We will take time to look at the range of commercial software available and how NPL are working towards having a core of numerical software available for use from all of the major computing environments in use within the organisation. NPL are seeking to have a high level of confidence in the underlying numerical software rather than having to rely on the numerical components offered by each of the computing environments in use - which in some cases have been proven to be lacking (e.g. [2]).

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Keywords: numerical analysis, METROS, SSFM, NAG, software, algorithms
Subjects: Mathematics and Scientific Computing
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