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Arbitary waveform synthesis using binary Josephson arrays.

Kleinschmidt, P; Patel, P; Williams, J M; Janssen, T J B M; Behr, R*; Kohlmann, J*; Niemeyer, J*; Hassel, J*; Seppa, H* (2001) Arbitary waveform synthesis using binary Josephson arrays. In: BEMC 2001- 10th British Electromagnetic Measurement Conference, 6-8 November 2001, Harrogate, UK.

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The Josephson primary DC voltage standard is very successful quantum standard. Recently it has become possible to divide Josephson arrays up into binary segments, thereby creating the possibility of developing a "digital to analogue converter" with quantum accuracy. These new arrays are based upon non-hysteretic Josephson junctions, which allow the voltage to be changed almost instantaneously.
In this paper we will investigate the properties of two different types of Josephson arrays, one type is an intrinsically shunted array of junctions or so-called SINIS array, while the second type is externally shunted via small on-chip resistors. The arrays are biased using a purpose built computer controlled bias source discussed in a separate paper in this conference. We will discuss the accuracy of the generated voltage and investigate the ac properties.

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