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Standardisation of 11C

Woods, D H; Baker, M I; Keightley, L J; Makepeace, J L; Pearce, A K; Woodman, A P; Woods, M J; Woods, S A; Waters, S* (2002) Standardisation of 11C. Appl. Radiat. Isot., 56 (1-2). pp. 327-330.

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The increasing use of positron emission tomography (PET) for medical imaging and the availability of short-lived positron emitters has raised concerns about the accuracy of calibration of secondary standard measurement systems and the viability of using long-lived positron emitter as a reference calibration source for all positron emitters. Potential problems arise because the 511 keV quanta arising from positron annihilation are not generally produced at the same point as the original distintegration. In addition, the secondary standard may also be responsive to the associated bremsstrahlung radiation. The magnitude of both effects depends on the positron end-point energy. In order to resolve these problems, it is nexessary to produce absolute standards of these positron emitting radionuclides and the work presented here details the results of such work with 11C.

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