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The NPL reference sources of blackbody radiation.

Chu, B; McEvoy, H C; Andrews, J W (1994) The NPL reference sources of blackbody radiation. Meas. Sci. Technol., 5 (1). pp. 12-19.

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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) maintains a range of reference blackbody cavities of its own design with apertures from 3.0 to 100 mm in diameter for use over the temperature range 10-1064 ºC. These sources are used for calibration of radiation thermometers and evaluation and calibration of industrial blackbody cavities over the wavelength range 0.9-14 µm. This paper describes the design of the cavities and their intercomparison using a high-precision infrared radiometer. The results of the intercomparison showed a radiance temperature compatibility of better than ± 0.6 ºC over a wide temperature range and therefore validates the high quality of the NPL blackbody cavities as reference sources of thermal radiation.

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