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An inventory of UK research on noise and health from 1994 to 1999.

Berry, B F; Jiggins, M (1999) An inventory of UK research on noise and health from 1994 to 1999. NPL Report. CMAM 40

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At the European Commission’s Copenhagen Conference in September 1998, the various Working Groups involved in the development of a new Directive on the Assessment and Reduction of Environmental Noise were formally established. This included WG2 Dose/Effect. Clearly, in fulfilling its Terms of Reference and meeting its various objectives, it was important for this Working Group to take full account of the considerable amount of research already reported on health effects and relevant research currently in progress in various Member States. In order to assist the Chairman of WG2 in this work, at the end of 1998, he requested all Member States represented on WG 2 to undertake research in order to provide the following information only in respect of their own countries;
1. An inventory of noise and health research projects currently in progress, and an inventory of work completed in the years 1994-98. This was to exclude direct effects on hearing.
2. An evaluation of this research in order to identify an inventory of research requirements.
This report presents the inventory of research in the UK and discusses research requirements arising from the inventory. Research requirements identified at the 1997 Institute of Environment and Health Seminar on Non-auditory health effects of noise, and requirements listed recently by a Task Group of the World Health Organisation are included in this report.
It is intended that the results of the activity by WG2 members, of which the present report is a part, will feed directly into the specification of research to be done during 1999 to 2002 and into the Position paper which the Chairman and Co-Chair of WG2 are required to produce for the Commission by August 2002.
The background research detailed in this report provides an opportunity to influence the outcome of the work of WG2 in the form of direct involvement in the development of arguments in the key Position Paper. Amongst other things this report will influence directly the various Commission 'Targets' for national, regional and local authorities. It will also greatly assist the DETR and Department of Health in decisions on the funding of future studies within their own research programmes, and provide a valuable context against which to judge work in progress or completed in other countries.
The material included in the inventory is also available in electronic format, accessible from either the NPL or DETR Web sites at the following addresses:-

Item Type: Report/Guide (NPL Report)
NPL Report No.: CMAM 40
Subjects: Acoustics
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