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Items where Division is "Atmospheric Environmental Sciences" and Year is 2020

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Aarhaug, T A; Kjos, O S; Ferber, A; Hsu, J P; Bacquart, T (2020) Mapping of Hydrogen Fuel Quality in Europe. Frontiers in Energy Research, 8. 585334 ISSN 2296-598X


Brewer, P J; Brown, R J C (2020) Benchmarking the success of CCQM key comparisons for metrology institutes and their stakeholders. Metrologia, 57 (6). 065018 ISSN 0026-1394

Brewer, P J; Gieseking, B; Ferracci, V F; Ward, M; Carroll, P; Bell, S; Hall, B (2020) International pilot study CCQM-P193: 10 μmol mol−1 water vapour in nitrogen. Metrologia, 57 (1A). 08015 ISSN 0026-1394

Brown, R J C; Brewer, P J (2020) What is a mole? Metrologia, 57 (6). 065002 ISSN 0026-1394

Brown, R J C; Goddard, S L; Harris, P M; Malcolm, H M; Thacker, S A; Lawlor, A J; Guyatt, H J (2020) Consistency and uncertainty of UK measurements of mercury in precipitation. Chemosphere, 258. 127330 ISSN 00456535

Butterfield, D M; Lipscombe, R P; Gardiner, T D (2020) Safe Sampling Volume determinations of 12 volatile organic compounds on Carboxen 1003, Carbopack-X & Tenax-TA. Journal of Chromatography A, 1626. 461369 ISSN 00219673


Danesh Mesgaran, S; Frydendahl Hellwing, A L; Lund, P; Derno, M; Kuhla, B; Heetkemp, M; Miller, G; Humphries, D; Anglard, F; Rochette, Y; Martin, C; Gardiner, T; Coleman, M (2020) The gas recovery test of respiratory chambers. In: Methods in cattle physiology and behaviour research - Recommendations from the SmartCow consortium. PUBLISSO, p. 193.

Dirksen, R J; Bodeker, G E; Thorne, P W; Merlone, A; Reale, T; Wang, J; Hurst, D F; Demoz, B B; Gardiner, T D; Ingleby, B; Sommer, M; von Rohden, C; Leblanc, T (2020) Managing the transition from Vaisala RS92 to RS41 radiosondes within the Global Climate Observing System Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN): a progress report. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, 9 (2). pp. 337-355. ISSN 2193-0864


Henderson, B; Ruszkiewicz, D M; Wilkinson, M; Beauchamp, J D; Cristescu, S M; Fowler, S J; Salman, D; Francesco, F D; Koppen, G; Langejürgen, J; Holz, O; Hadjithekli, A; Moreno, S; Pedrotti, M; Sinues, P; Slingers, G; Wilde, M; Lomonaco, T; Zanella, D; Zenobi, R; Focant, J-F; Grassin-Delyle, S; Franchina, F A; Malásková, M; Stefanuto, P-H; Pugliese, G; Mayhew, C; Thomas, C L P (2020) A benchmarking protocol for breath analysis: the peppermint experiment. Journal of Breath Research, 14 (4). 046008 ISSN 1752-7163


Pan, Y; Gu, M; He, Y; Wu, D; Liu, C; Song, L; Tian, S; Lü, X; Sun, Y; Song, T; Walters, W W; Liu, X; Martin, N A; Zhang, Q; Fang, Y; Ferracci, V; Wang, Y (2020) Revisiting the Concentration Observations and Source Apportionment of Atmospheric Ammonia. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, 37 (9). pp. 933-938. ISSN 0256-1530


Quincey, P (2020) Angles in the SI: treating the radian as an independent, unhidden unit does not require the redefinition of the term ‘frequency’ or the unit hertz. Metrologia, 57 (5). 053001 ISSN 0026-1394


Tompkins, J; Quincey, P; Allerton, J; Williams, K (2020) Feasibility study on the detection of airborne particulates in a dental surgery using an optical particle counter. NPL Report. National Physical Laboratory. ENV 33


Viallon, J; Flores, E; Idrees, F; Moussay, P; Wielgosz, R I; Oh, S H; Lee, S; Kim, B M; Nieuwenkamp, G; van der Veen, A; Efremova, O V; Konopelko, L A; Kustikov, Y A; Kolobova, A V; Shuguo, H; Carney, J; Kelley, M E; Rhoderick, G C; Hodges, J T; Uehara, S; Akima, D; Brewer, P; Worton, D; Macé, T; Smeulders, D; Fükö, J; Ntsasa, N; Leshabane, N; Ramahala, K; Tshilongo, J; Cieciora, D; Shimosaka, T; Matsumoto, N (2020) CCQM-K137, nitrogen monoxide (NO) in nitrogen. Metrologia, 57 (1A). 08001 ISSN 0026-1394

Viallon, J; Flores, E; Moussay, P; Chubchenko, I; Rolle, F; Zhang, T; Mussell Webber, E B; Wielgosz, R I (2020) An optimized sampling system for highly reproducible isotope ratio measurements (δ 13C and δ 18O) of pure CO2 gas by infrared spectroscopy. Metrologia, 57 (5). 055004 ISSN 0026-1394

van der Veen, A M H; Zalewska, E T; van Osselen, D R; Fernández, T E; Gómez, C; Beránek, J; Oudwater, R J; Sobrinho, D C; Brum, M C; Augusto, C R; Fükö, J; Büki, T; Nagyné Szilági, Z; Brewer, P J; Downey, M L; Brown, R J C; Valkova, M; Durisova, Z; Arrhenius, K; Magnusson, B; Yaghooby, H; Tarhan, T; Engin, E; Konopelko, L A; Popova, T A; Pir, M N; Efremova, O V (2020) International comparison CCQM-K112 biogas. Metrologia, 57 (1A). 08011 ISSN 0026-1394


Worton, D R (2020) Future Adoption of Direct Measurement Techniques for Regulatory Measurements of Nitrogen Dioxide: Drivers and Challenges. Environmental Science & Technology, 54 (23). pp. 14785-14786. ISSN 0013-936X

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