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Renaot, E*; Hermier, Y*; Valin, M H*; Bonnier, G*; Adunka, F*; Van Der Linden, A*; Dobre, M*; Smid, M*; Bronnum, A*; Weckstrom, T*; Tegeler, E*; Noatsch, U*; Anagnostou, M*; Turzo-Andres, E*; Nemeth, S*; White, M*; Marcarino, P*; Steur, P*; Pauzha, A*; Augevicius, V*; de Groot, M*; Nielsen, J*; Helgesen, F*; Roszkowski, W*; Grundniewicz, E*; Kuna, R*; Filipe, E*; Lobo, I*; Gaita, S*; Chimenti, V*; Ivarsson, J*; Duris, S*; Ranostaj, J*; Bojkovski, J*; Steiner, A*; Ugur, S*; Gray, J; Bruce, S*; Rusby, R; Head, D I (2008) Intercomparison of the realizations of the ITS-90 from 83.8058 k to 692.677 k among European NMIs. Int. J. Thermophysics, 29 (3). pp. 991-1000.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rusby, R L; Cousins, D; Head, D I; Mohandas, P; Godfrin, H*; Bunkov, Y M*; Bäuerle, C*; Harakaly, R*; Collin, E*; Triqueneaux, S*; Lusher, C*; Li, J*; Saunders, J*; Cowen, B*; Nyéki, J*; Digby, M*; Pekola, J*; Gloos, K*; Hernandez, P*; de Groot, M*; Peruzzi, A*; Jochemsen, R*; Chinchure, A*; Bosch, W*; Mathu, F*; Flokstra, J*; Veldhuis, D*; Hermier, Y*; Pitre, L*; Vergé, A*; Benhalima, F*; Fellmuth, B*; Engert, J* (2001) Dissemination of the ultra-low temperature scale, PLTS-2000. In: TEMPMEKO 01, June 2001, Berlin, Germany.

Pavese, F*; de Groot, M*; Fellmuth, B*; Head, D I; Hermier, Y*; Szmyrka-Grazebyk, A*; Zanin, L* (2001) The project 'MULTICELLS' for the development of new temperature standards in the cryogenic range down to 2.18 K by means of sealed cells. In: TEMPMEKO 01, June 2001, Berlin, Germany.

Actis, A*; Bell, S A; Benyon, R*; Cretinon, B*; de Groot, M*; Heinonen, M*; Scholz, G*; Steiner, A* (1998) The use of a humid air generator as a reference method for measuring humidity. In: Proc. Third International Symposium on Humidity and Moisture., April 1998, London, UK.

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