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Kim, J S*; Wood, S; Shoaee, S*; Spencer, S J; Castro, F A; Tsoi, W C*; Murphy, C E; Sim, M*; Cho, K*; Durrant, J R*; Kim, J S* (2015) Morphology-performance relationships in polymer/fullerene blends probed by complementary characterisation techniques - effects of nanowire formation and subsequent thermal annealing. J. Mater. Chem. C, 3 (35). pp. 9224-9232.

Gevorgyan, S A*; Corazza, M*; Madsen, M V*; Bardizza, G*; Pozza, A*; Mullejans, H*; Blakesley, J C; Dibb, G F A; Castro, F A; Trigo, J F*; Guillen, C M*; Herrero, J R*; Morvillo, P*; Maglione, M G*; Minarini, C*; Roca, F*; Cros, S*; Seraine, C*; Law, C H*; Tuladhar, P S*; Durrant, J R*; Krebs, F C* (2014) Interlaboratory indoor ageing of roll-to-roll and spin coated organic photovoltaic devices: Testing the ISOS test. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 109. pp. 162-170.

Gevorgyan, S A*; Zubillaga, O*; de Seoane, J M V*; Machado, M*; Parlak, E A*; Tore, N*; Voroshazi, E*; Aernouts, T*; Mullejans, H*; Bardizza, G*; Taylor, N*; Verhees, W*; Kroon, J M*; Morvillo, P*; Minarini, C*; Roca, F*; Castro, F A; Cros, S*; Lechene, B*; Trigo, J F*; Guillen, C*; Herrero, J*; Zimmermann, B*; Sapkota, S B*; Veit, C*; Wurfel, U*; Tuladhar, P S*; Durrant, J R*; Winter, S*; Rousu, S*; Valimaki, M*; Hinrichs, V*; Cowan, S R*; Olson, D C*; Sommer-Larsen, P*; Krebs, F C* (2014) Round Robin performance testing of organic photovoltaic devices. Renew. Energy, 63. pp. 376-387.

Dimitrov, S D*; Huang, Z G*; Deledalle, F*; Nielsen, C B*; Schroeder, B C*; Ashraf, R S*; Shoai, S; McCulloch, I*; Durrant, J R* (2014) Towards optimisation of photocurrent from fullerene excitons in organic solar cells. Energy Environ. Sci., 7 (3). pp. 1037-1043.

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