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Wu, J*; Nishimura, S*; Lorusso, G; Xu, Z Y*; Ideguchi, E*; Simpson, G S*; Baba, H*; Browne, F*; Daido, R*; Doornebal, P*; Fang, Y F*; Isobe, T*; Li, Z*; Patel, Z*; Rice, S*; Sinclair, L*; Soderstrom, P-A*; Sumikama, T*; Watanabe, H*; Yagi, A*; Yokoyama, R*; Aoi, N*; Bello Garrote, F L*; Benzoni, G*; Gey, G*; Gottardo, A*; Nishibata, H*; Odahara, A*; Sakurai, H*; Tanaka, M*; Taprogge, J*; Yamamoto, T* (2016) Beta-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei around 158Nd, relevant to the formation of the ˜165 rare-earth element peak. EPJ Web of Conferences, 109. 08003.

Browne, F*; Bruce, A M*; Sumikama, T*; Nishizuka, I*; Nishimura, S*; Doornebal, P*; Lorusso, G; Soderstrom, P A*; Watanabe, H*; Daido, R*; Patel, Z*; Rice, S*; Sinclair, L*; u, J*; Xu, ZY*; Yagi, A*; Baba, H*; Chiga, N*; Carroll, R*; Didierjean, F*; Fang, Y*; Fukuda, N*; Gey, G*; Ideguchi, E*; Inabe, N*; Isobe, T*; Kameda, D*; Kojouharov, I*; Kurz, N*; Kubo, T*; Lalkovski, S*; Li, Z*; Lozeva, R*; Nishibata, H*; Odahara, A*; Podolyak, Z*; Regan, P H; Roberts, O J*; Sakurai, H*; Schaffner, H*; Simpson, G S*; Suzuki, H*; Takeda, H*; Taprogge, J*; Werner, V*; Wieland, O* (2015) Lifetime measurements of the first 2(+) states in Zr-104,Zr-106; evolution of ground-state deformations. Phys. Lett. B, 750. pp. 448-452.

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