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Wilson, J N*; Lebois, M*; Qi, L*; Amador-Celdran, P*; Bleuel, D*; Briz, J A*; Carroll, R*; Catford, W*; De Witte, H*; Doherty, D T*; Eloirdi, R*; Georgiev, G*; Gottardo, A*; Goasduff, A*; Hadynska-Klek, K*; Hauschild, K*; Hess, H*; Ingeberg, V*; Konstantinopoulos, T*; Ljungvall, J*; Lopez-Martens, A*; Lorusso, G; Lozeva, R*; Lutter, R*; Marini, P*; Matea, I*; Materna, T*; Mathieu, L*; Oberstedt, A*; Oberstedt, S*; Panebianco, S*; Podolyak, Z*; Porta, A*; Regan, P H; Reiter, P*; Rezynkina, K*; Rose, S J*; Sahin, E*; Seidlitz, M*; Serot, O*; Shearman, R*; Siebeck, B*; Siem, S*; Smith, A G*; Tveten, G M*; Verney, D*; Warr, N*; Zeiser, F*; Zielinska, M* (2017) Anomalies in the charge yeilds of fission fragments from the U-238(n, f) reaction. Phys. Rev. Lett., 118 (22). 222501

Margerin, V*; Lotay, G; Woods, P J*; Aliotta, M*; Christian, G*; Davids, B*; Davinson, T*; Doherty, D T*; Fallis, J*; Howell, D*; Kirseborn, O S*; Mountford, D J*; Rojas, A*; Ruiz, C*; Tostevin, J A* (2015) Inverse kinematic study of the Al-26g(d,p)Al-27 reaction and implications for destruction of Al-26 in Wolf-Rayet and asymptotic giant branch stars. Phys. Rev. Lett., 115 (6). 062701

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