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Belsey, N A; Cant, D J H; Minelli, C; Araujo, J R*; Bock, B*; Bruner, P*; Castner, D G*; Ceccone, G*; Counsell, J D P*; Dietrich, P M*; Engelhard, M H*; Spampinato, V*; Fearn, S*; Galhardo, C E*; Kalbe, H*; Kim, J W*; Lartundo-Rojas, L*; Luftman, H S*; Nunney, T S*; Pseiner, J*; Smith, E F*; Spampinato, V*; Sturm, J M*; Thomas, A G*; Treaty, J P W*; Veith, L*; Wagstaffe, M*; Wang, H*; Wang, M L*; Wang, Y C*; Werner, W*; Yang, L*; Shard, A G (2016) Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards interlaboratory study on measuring the thickness and chemistry of nanoparticle coatings using XPS and LEIS. J. Phys. Chem. C, 120 (42). pp. 24070-24079.

Fischer, T*; Dietrich, P M*; Streeck, C*; Ray, S; Nutsch, A*; Shard, A G; Beckoff, B*; Unger, W E S*; Rurack, K* (2015) Quantification of variable functional-group densitites of mixed-silane monolayers on surfaces via a duel-mode fluorescence and XPS label. Anal. Chem., 87 (5). pp. 2685-2692.

Dietrich, P M*; Horlacher, T*; Gross, T*; Wirth, T*; Castelli, R*; Shard, A G; Alexander, M*; Seeberger, P H*; Unger, W E S* (2010) Surface analytical characterization of carbohydrate microarrays. Surf. Interface Anal., 42 (6-7). pp. 1188-1192.

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