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Surana, S*; Conard, T*; Fleischmann, C*; Tait, J G*; Bastos, J P*; Voroshazi, E*; Havelund, R; Turbiez, M*; Louette, P*; Felten, A*; Poleunis, C*; Delcorte, A*; Vandervorst, W* (2016) Understanding physico-chemical aspects in the depth profiling of polymer: fullerene layers. J. Phys. Chem. C, 120 (49). pp. 28074-28082.

Fleischmann, C*; Conard, T*; Havelund, R; Franquet, A*; Poleunis, C*; Voroshazi, E*; Delcorte, A*; Vandervorst, W* (2014) Fundamental aspects of Ar-n(+) SIMS profiling of common organic semiconductors. Surf. Interface Anal., 46. pp. 54-57.

Franquet, A*; Fleischmann, C*; Conrad, T*; Voroshazi, E*; Poleunis, C*; Havelund, R; Delcorte, A*; Vandervorst, W* (2014) G-SIMS analysis of organic solar cell materials. Surf. Interface Anal., 46. pp. 96-99.

Havelund, R; Licciardello, A*; Bailey, J*; Tuccitto, N*; Sapuppo, D*; Gilmore, I S; Sharp, J S*; Lee, J L S; Mouhib, T*; Delcorte, A* (2013) Improving secondary ion mass spectrometry C60(n+) sputter depth profiling of challenging polymers with nitric oxide gas dosing. Anal. Chem., 85 (10). pp. 5064-5070.

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