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D'Souza, H; Henderson, D; Quincey, P (2005) UK non-automatic hydrocarbon network: measurement of selected ozone precursors from existing chromatograms. NPL Report. DQL-AS 017

Holland, P E; Davenport, A J; Uprichard, I J; D'Souza, H; Alphonso, D; Woods, P T; Milton, M J T (2000) The preparation and certification of secondary gas standards by the National Physical Laboratory. NPL Report. COEM 54

Gardiner, T; Wielgosz, R; Holland, P E; Brown, A; D'Souza, H; Henderson, M (2000) Odour standards, measurements and characterisation. NPL Report. COEM 56

Partridge, R H; Alphonso, D; Brookes, C; Butterfield, D M; D'Souza, H (1996) Multicomponent reference gas mixtures for the measurement of total organic carbon emissions from combustion sources. NPL Report. QM 118

Partridge, R H; Alphonso, D; Brookes, C; Butterfield, D M; D'Souza, H (1994) Provision of multicomponent hydrocarbon test mixtures and authentic air samples in a second intercomparison campaign to assess the measurement accuracy of laboratories carrying out VOC determinations in the European Community: report of work performed under EC contracts No. B4-3040/92/016847 and No. 5257-93-04 PC ISP GB. NPL Report. QU 103

Woods, P T; Milton, M J T; Bell, W; Partridge, R H; Martin, N A; Gardiner, T; Robinson, R A; Swann, N R W; D'Souza, H (1994) Advanced remote monitoring techniques for atmospheric measurements. NPL Report. QU 102


Quincey, P G; Butterfield, D M; D'Souza, H; Henderson, M (2007) Monitoring of ozone precursors in ambient air using pumped and diffusive sampling on the sorbent Carbopack X. Atmos. Environ., 41. pp. 7865-7873.

Plass-Dülmer, C*; Schmidbauer, N*; Slemr, J*; Slemr, F*; D'Souza, H (2006) European hydrocarbon intercomparison experiemnt AMOHA part 4: canister sampling of ambient air. J. Geophys. Res., 111 (D4). D04306

Slemr, J*; Slemr, F*; D'Souza, H; Partridge, R (2004) Study of the relative response factors of various gas chromatography-flame ionisation detector systems for measurement of C2-C9 hydrocarbons in air. Journal of Chromatography A, 1061. pp. 75-84.

Slemr, J*; Slemr, F*; Partridge, R H; D'Souza, H; Schmidbauer, N* (2002) Accurate measurements of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere (AMOHA): three European intercomparisons. J. Geophys. Res., 107 (D19). ACH 15-1 - 15-25

Holland, P E; Woods, P T; Brookes, C; Uprichard, I J; Quincey, P; Robinson, R A; D'Souza, H; Milton, M J T; Goody, B; Bell, W; Alphonso, D (2001) The development of gas standards and calibration techniques for measurements of vehicle, aircraft and industrial emissions, natural gas, occupational exposure and air quality. Accred. Qual. Assur., 6 (3). pp. 120-129.

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